High-Purity Silicon America Corporation (HSA)
In a field driven by the demand for quality - where purity is measured in "parts per trillion" - HSA has established itself as an industry leader. With a relentless pursuit of the highest level of excellence in every phase of corporate growth and development, HSA is committed to the "never-ending process" - the Continuum of Quality. We strive to understand and meet the needs of our employees, customers and neighbors. We continually look for ways to improve our processes, procedures, people, and products; because we realize that quality is a never-ending process. We strive to become the industry's preferred supplier of Polysilicon by satisfying our customer's needs for product performance, technical service and on-time delivery.

High-Purity Silicon America Corporation (HSA) is a recent addition to the SUMCO group of companies. HSA was first incorporated as Mitsubishi Polycrystalline America Corporation (Mitsubishi Polysilicon) in 1996, wholly owned by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC).

High-Purity Silicon America Corporation is an international leader in the production of Ultra-Pure Polycrystalline Silicon for the semiconductor industry.

We are the source for high purity polysilicon required for today’s manufacturing of single crystal wafers ranging from 150 to 300mm. Our processes ensure that we deliver product with consistent bulk and surface purity. We manufacture, package and ship polysilicon in the form of chips, chunks and rods at the size request of our customers.



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High-Purity Silicon America Corporation is also a producer of high purity Chlorosilane Gases for the semiconductor and fiber optic industries.
We are the source for high purity Trichlorosilane (TCS) for the demanding semiconductor industry. We also produce high purity Silicon Tetrachloride (STC) that meets the requirements for fiber optic production. We manufacture and ship our Chlorosilanes in liquid form by ISO Container and Drums.