With two U.S.-based manufacturing facilities and sales support offices in the U.S. and Asia, REC Silicon is helping energy and technology providers worldwide to shape the future.

Our Signature Silane® based products are used in everyday quality of life technologies, emerging technologies, cutting edge power and memory devices, high-voltage transmission, as well as renewables.

REC Silicon’s strategy is to maintain its position as a low-cost leader and technological innovator in the silicon materials industry by continuing the development of silicon manufacturing processes that enhance efficiency without increasing environmental impact.

Headquartered in Fornebu, Norway, REC Silicon’s two U.S.-based plants have a capacity of more than 20,000 MT of high-purity polysilicon. REC Silicon is listed on the Oslo stock exchange under the ticker: RECSI.

Our engagement in traditional Siemens manufacturing practices, while also manufacturing from an efficient Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology for granular polysilicon, allows us to achieve low manufacturing costs.

Increased capacity and production growth, coupled with proprietary technologies, ISO certification and strategic supplier relationships, help customers – both direct and downstream – set their next wave of innovation in motion.


Originally constructed in 1984, the Moses Lake manufacturing facility has grown in capacity from one silane unit and one Siemens technology production line to three silane units and home to one of the largest granular polysilicon production plants in the world.

Products Produced:

Signature Silane®
Solar grade polysilicon
For more information about the Moses Lake and greater Grant County community, please go to  Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce and Grant County Economic Development Council. Also, read more here on Moses Lake School District.


REC Silicon is a leading supplier of Silane Gas and other Speciality Gases

Commissioned in 1998, this plant is a leading supplier of Silane Gas (SiH4) and other Specialty Gases for semiconductor, flat panel display, glass, and solar applications. It is also owns the largest ISO silane gas module fleet in the industry, and employs nearly 300 Silver Bow County residents.


Silane gas
Products Produced:

Polysilicon: Float Zone (FZ)
Electronic Grade Polysilicon
Silane gas