Genesis photonics inc (gpiled) was established in 2002, innovative in green light high-brightness epitaxial film, and IPO was released five years later.

In 2010, subsequent production of high-brightness blue and green chips, as well as various TV backlights. The high-brightness blue light was successively introduced into Japanese, Korean and Chinese brand factories.


In 2013 we introduced the high reliable green chips to Brand hand-held heartbeat monitoring devices. At the same time, our chips were successfully  designed in interior-vehicle quality certification  of Japanese and Korean brand car manufacturers. Since then, gpiled's fab has transformed from an LED lighting and backlight factory to a high-quality automotive-specific LED factory.


Since 2013, we have focused on the production of flip chip technology, so we have successfully introduced our flip chip used for handset flash  to  major brands mobile phone companies. Until now our flip chips have become the best choice of mobile flash LED.


CSP product was launched in 2014, and successively introducing into the advertising light box and high-illuminance lighting market, then we have started promoting the automotive headlight CSP to AM market.

Taking into account that the development of oled technology will show all-round advantages, the company officially chose to launch the mobile phone backlight and TV low-profile backlight market in 2016.

At the same time we have started approaching  the automotive headlight market and used Zeus products to get the verification of the OE brand depot. After three years of certification, the performance certification has been recognized. In 2019, it has been certified by the OE brand factory. including full range car lighting products include exterior lighting and interior lighting.


Based on our mini chip csp tech we have entered medical optical products and simultaneously launching our own technology UVC LED for sterilization applications in 2020 .


In 2021 we further integrate the company's patented technology to  launch the automotive ADB and HUD AR optical solution, and work with strategic partners to help automotive customers enter the fast-growing smart car. At the same time, keep improving our csp product portfolio ,we have also launched high-level lighting products such as Ra>95, R9, R12 and other high-standard markets in the lighting industry.In addition, our ultra-thin csp 0.28mm design is also used by customers in ultra-thin backlight design

In addition, in micro-display applications, we continues to develop markets that are not used for TV backlighting, focusing on applications that are differentiated from OLED. Looking to the future, based on our strong epitaxial, flip chip, CSP, and automotive quality specifications, we will move toward a new generation of IoT integrated optoelectronic applications with miniaturized integration technology capabilities.

Our core thinking: The principles of physical simplification

genesis photonics inc (gpiled) has developed this core concept in LED technology since 2002,

the principles of physical simplification

1.Wire bonding free==>  flip chip LED 

2.Package lead frame free ==> CSP (chip scale package)

3.Micro LED rgb dies mechanical mass transfer free ==> removing the mechanical mass dies transfer to wafer transfer