Chengdu Huaguang Rockchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic research and development manufacturer of microwave radio frequency chips (MMIC) and analog chips. With its experienced R&D team, excellent technical strength and advanced production technology, it has become the industry leader in the field of microwave radio frequency. The company is a member of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and a high-tech enterprise in Sichuan Province. It has been recognized as an integrated circuit design enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and won the title of "National Famous Brand Demonstration Unit in the Microelectronics Technology Industry".


       The company's main products are microwave RF chips and analog chips produced using GaAs PHEMT/HBT, GaN HEMT, CMOS, and SiGe BiCMOS processes. The frequency coverage reaches DC-100GHz, with wide frequency, low power consumption, high integration, and low cost. , short supply cycle and other unique advantages, it has formed a variety of featured products such as ultra-wideband and low-power series. It can also provide circulator isolators and microwave and millimeter wave SIP components. These products are widely used in market fields such as wireless communications, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things . The company currently has microwave RF chip back-end processes and micro-assembly production lines, with a 10,000-level purification room of 2,000 m 2 , which can perform back-end processing of 6-8-inch wafers respectively, and has an annual production of 500,000 microwave RF chips and components. ability.


       Huaguang Rockchip will continue to be based on the development idea of ​​self-innovation, continue to develop microwave RF products with superior performance, reliable quality and reasonable price, provide first-class technical services, and continue to insist on providing customers with better solutions and create greater value.