Jiangsu Pacific Quartz Co., Ltd. (short as Pacific Quartz hereinafter), founded in 1992, is a company well integrated with R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end quartz materials. In 2014, Pacific Quartz was listed on the A shares main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Ticker: SYGF, SH603688). Through the innovative development of more than 20 years, Pacific Quartz, as a national high-tech enterprise, has become the benchmark enterprise in China's quartz material industry. 
Pacific Quartz is ranked in the industry forefront at the marketing and technology of quartz materials used for lighting, photovoltaic, optical fiber, optics, semiconductor and other industries. Our main products are high-purity quartz sand, quartz tube & rod, large diameter resized quartz tube, quartz cylinder, quartz ingot, quartz plate, etc, and a great variety of quartz devices. 


Semiconductor Grade Quartz Tube

Semiconductor Grade Quartz Rod

Semiconductor Grade Quartz Cylinder

Semiconductor Grade Quartz Ingot

Semiconductor Grade Quartz Plate

Semiconductor Grade Quartz Sand

Solar Grade Quartz Tube

Solar Grade Quartz Rod

Solar Grade Opaque Quartz Ingot

Solar Grade Quartz Sand

Quartz ceramic Round crucible