SPM-your spare parts Semiconductor partner with local repair and manufacturing capabilities. Our shared goal is to support you as a customer with quality products, improving your yield, and lower your operating costs. Our mission is to meet high demanding needs, by bringing you new ideas and solutions. 

SPM aims to help you produce better and cheaper products. We specialize in:
-Sputtering targets production and bonding, with special expertise in silicon sputtering targets
- Providing innovative services and spare parts for the semiconductor industry
- Supplying and bonding targets for the coating industry


SPM started in 1997, selling sputtering targets to bond shops around the world.
Very soon after that, SPM started providing spare parts to leading European Semiconductor Chip manufacturers, while helping them to reduce their production costs, increase their yield, and prolong the parts'​ lifetime.  SPM specializes on parts that go into the optical stepper, Implant tools, CVD, PVD, and Etch tools.

Since 2010 SPM is bonding targets with in-house ultrasound testing capability, specializing in silicon sputtering targets production. Our familiarity with bonding manufacturing process , gained us deep understanding of clients'​ needs and the production processes that need to be performed in order to meet them. SPM's unique service starts with examining the client's used parts, defining needs and obstacles and based on that, providing a product, perfectly tailored for client's specific needs.

Another product line is target bonding service for the Coating industry.  SPM's unique technique was developed in Japan and works completely material-independent. No metallization is needed and the process brings stable quality.

SPM aims to help the clients produce better and cheaper products. New materials and solutions are being constantly introduced to improve production and meet all of our clients needs.