1990, Mr. Yuan-Jan Chang founded Topco Scientific with the philosophy of “diligence, professionalism, and sharing the success” to enter the advanced technology field. Under the leadership of Dr. J.W. Kuo, the current Chairperson, Topco has been actively introducing the latest manufacturing processes and technologies to provide customers with the highest standard of integrated services through achieving excellent strategic planning and efficient execution with the global logistics management capability. In the field of advanced technology, Topco pursues reliable quality, punctual delivery, and responsive service to meet customer needs. In addition to providing precision materials, manufacturing equipment, and components for the semiconductor, LCD, and LED industries, Topco also offers system planning and integration services. Not stopped by its stock IPO in 2003, Topco has continued to explore more business, expand the scope of operations, and march into the global market; and Topco has reached its business into the environmental protection and green technology industries, such as plant wastewater treatment, clean room, and solar power plant projects. To complement the expansion, Topco built a complete supply chain and service network by providing integrated services from design, construction, operation, and maintenance. The continuing growth of annual revenue and profitability has proven that Topco’s professional integration capabilities have been well received and recognized by customers from all over the world.
CMP (3)
Diffusion (7)
Wafer Foundry Services (1)
Wafer and Wafer Fabrication (6)
Wafer Carrier (3)
Thin Film (9)
Etching (6)
Photolithography (9)
Package and Testing
Protective Materials (4)
Packaging Materials (6)
Thermal Conductive Materials (1)
Electronics Conductive Materials (6)
Special Application Materials (3)
Packaging Equipmens (3)
Semiconductor Equipment
Semiconductor Equipments (7)
Semiconductor Equipment Parts (3)
Electronics Protective Materials (4)
Electronics Packaging Materials (3)
Electronics Thermal Conductive Materials (2)
Electronics Conductive Materials (3)
Electronics Special Application Materials (9)
Electronics Equipments (3)
LCD Materials (7)
LCD Equipments (4)
LED Materials (4)
LED Equipment Supplies (2)
Solar Power
Solar Power Materials (1)
Solar Power Equipment Supplies (2)



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