Coresix Precision Glass, Inc. was founded on the acquisition of an established glass fabrication company in January 2002. Extensive experience in edging, lapping, polishing and cleaning enabled Coresix to quickly become a premier glass supplier of precision glass components to an array of markets. Early and continued success of our glass company has driven steady growth, allowing us to design and build a new facility suited to the needs of the markets we serve.

Today, we strive for continuous improvement in quality and cleanliness of our products and excellence in all areas of service to our customers. Our number one goal is to help ensure the success of our customers, thereby assuring our own continued success as a world leading glass company.

Though our product line evolves and adapts to the continually changing markets we serve, in general, Coresix specializes in providing flat glass substrates to the highest levels of surface quality and cleanliness. We strive for continuous improvement in our products and excellence in all areas of service to our customers. This makes us a premier glass supplier for any industry, anywhere in the world.


Glass Wafers with Notch or Flats

Glass Wafers
The drive for low-cost miniaturization has evolved into a broad range of wafer-level packaging options that deliver performance and price advantages to emerging technologies.

Glass Windows

Cover Glass
Today’s advanced technologies in display, imaging, sensors, and biotech require precision windows and cover glass of the highest quality and cleanliness. 

Strip and Sheet Glass

Sheet Glass
Coresix adds a new measure of precision and technology to standard strip and sheet glass fabrication. The versatility of our processes and equipment will provide the necessary solution to your requirements.

Coresix Custom Glass Fabrication

Custom Glass
Our equipment is versatile and our engineers creative when it comes to producing non-standard glass components.

Corning Willow Glass Supplier

WIllow Glass
A major advantage of Willow Glass™ is the large formats enabled by the manufacturing process.  Coresix can provide sheets up to 1000mm in width and 3000mm in length.