The Company was Once a Small Sized Manufacturer of Diamond Micron Powder at the Beginning, in1990. After Several Years Research of Development and Innovation, We Became One of Main Manufacturer of Diamond Micron Powder and Synthetic Diamond in China. Since 2010,the Company Has Developed Into Large Medium Sized Factory, Our Enterprise Named LiLiang New Material Group Co., Ltd. Henan LiLiang New Material Co.,Ltd was Established in 2010, which is a Professional Manufacturer of Premium Synthetic Diamond with Advanced Technology. Our Factory Located in High-tech Development Zone of ZheCheng City which is the Main Production Base for Artificial Diamond in China. Our Factory Covers an Area of 143,300 Square Meters, with Total Investment of 3.8 Billion in RMB. Installation Equipments are Currently the Industry’s Leading Large Sized Cubic Hinge Press with 700 Cylinder Bore, There are 300 Sets of Design & Install Equipments, 200 Sets of Which Have Been Put into Production.
We Mainly Adopt HPHT Technology of Diamond Production, with 180,000CT Production Capacity of Sawing & Cutting Diamond Per Month. All Equipments that Put into Operation,the Average Annual Total Production Reached to 60 Million CT.
(1). Main Products of LiLiang Factory:
(A)---Industrial Diamond Abrasives.
(B)---Yellow Single Crystal Diamond.

(C)---White Rough Diamond.

(D)---Octaheral Sharp Pointed Diamond (Patent Product)

(E)---Diamond Micro Powder

(F)---Coated Diamond Micro Powder.


LiLiang Diamond
(2): Industrial Diamond Abrasives:

(A)---LD2 Series Coarse Diamond Abrasives Used for Cutting, Sawing, Drilling,etc.


(B)---LD3 Series Fine Diamond Abrasives Used for Polishing, Grinding, Lapping, etc.


(C)---Picture Took Under Microscope of LD 2 Series.


(D)---Picture Took Under Microscope of LD3 Series.


LiLiang Diamond



(3). Yellow Single Crystal Diamond:


Yellow Single Crystal Diamond with Size from 1mm to 5mm.


Grade Range from LD910 to LD991.


(A)---Picture of LD940.


(B)---Picture of LD960.


(C)---Picture of LD980.


(D)---Picture of LD990.


LiLiang Diamond



(4). White Rough Diamond:


(A)---Superior Quality; Grade A of White Rough Diamond with VS, VVS Clarity and D, E,F,G,H,I Color Grade. Range in Size from 1mm to 2mm. Mainly are 1.5mm and 1.8mm.


(B)---Medium Quality; Grade B of White Rough Diamond for Industrial Applications.


(C)---Economy Quality; Grade C of White Rough Diamond for Industrial Applications.


LiLiang Diamond





(5). Octahedron Sharp Pointed Diamond:


There are Three Types of Octahedron Sharp Pointed Diamond:


(A)---Mesh Powder of Octahedron Sharp Pointed Diamond, 80/100, 100/120, 120/140, 140/170.


(B)---Single Crystal OCtahedron Sharp Diamond with Size from 1mm to 3mm, with Several Tips or Two Sharp Tips.


(C)---Single Crystal Octahdron Sharp Dianond with One Tip Range in Size from 1mm to 3mm.


LiLiang Diamond



(6). Diamond Powder:


(1). MR--- Normal Diamond Powder. LD210

Mainly Used for Resin Tools, Resin Grinding Wheels, and Other General Applications in Processing Area such as Stone, Glass, Ceramics, and oother Industries.


(2). MF---High Finess and Super Fineess with High Strength Diamond Powder. LD215

Suitable for Polishing all Kinds of Precision Devices, like: Electroplated, Ceramic Tools and Sapphire, Diamond Wire Saw, etc.


(3). MH---High Quality of raw materials, with quality standard of LD230.

Raw materials with higher quality standard, used for highly demand of strength.


(4). MP---High Purity and Super Purity with High Strength Diamond Powder. LD240

Mainly Used for PCD and PDC, etc.


(5). RVD---Diamond Grains for Resin and Vitrified Bond. LD210

It is Suitable for Making Resin Bond Diamond Tools, also for Rough Grinding.


(6). XP---Polycrystalline Diamond Powder.

Suitable for Processing of Silicon Chip, Sapphire, Recision Ceramics, Optical Lenses, Optical Fiber Communications, etc.


(7). Coated Diamond Powder.

Diamond Powder are Coated by Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), Copper (Cu), which can Improve the Retention and Reduce Heat Damage for Longer Service Life.