Shanghai Hejing is one of the few integrated manufacturers of semiconductor silicon epitaxial wafers in China that has the production capacity of the whole process from crystal growth, substrate molding to epitaxial growth. The main product is semiconductor silicon epitaxial wafers. The company is committed to developing and applying industry-leading technology to provide domestic and foreign customers with high-end semiconductor silicon epitaxial wafers with high flatness, high uniformity, and low defectivity. The company's epitaxial wafer products are mainly used to prepare power devices and analog chips, and are widely used in the fields of automobiles, communications, electric power, industry, consumer electronics, and high-end equipment.


Semiconductor silicon wafer is the foundation of the semiconductor industry chain, and it is also one of the links where the gap between China's semiconductor industry and the international advanced level is large. my country's large silicon wafer technology level and independent supply capacity are relatively weak, and the degree of dependence on imports is high. Therefore, the localization of semiconductor silicon wafers meets the major needs of the country and has great strategic significance. In recent years, affected by factors such as international trade frictions, the domestic semiconductor industry has a relatively strong demand for independent and controllable supply chains. The company actively responds to the national strategic needs, keeps up with the international cutting-edge technology, and breaks through the key core technology of epitaxial wafers, which is conducive to improving the independent research and development level of my country's key semiconductor material production technology.


Shanghai Hejing has customers all over China, North America, Europe, and other Asian countries or regions, and has a good market reputation and influence. Shanghai Hejing has supplied 7 of the world's top ten wafer foundries and 6 of the world's top ten power device IDM factories. The main customers include Huahong Grace, SMIC, China Resources Micro, TSMC, PSMC, Vishay Semiconductor, Dahl, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor and other leading companies in the industry, and has won the best or outstanding supplier honors from Huahong Grace, TSMC, Dahl and other customers for many times, It is one of the few epitaxial wafer manufacturers in my country that is widely recognized by international customers.