Eta Research Ltd. is committed to developing the highest quality free-standing GaN wafer. With the use of self-developed HVPE equipment, Eta has successfully grown free-standing GaN wafers in 4 inch size. 

Eta Research Ltd. is a high-tech company set up in April 2015. Eta focuses on growing large size high-quality GaN wafers which can be produced for an affordable price for semiconductor industries. The company has adopted self-developed HVPE as the production method for GaN wafers. Eta is located in Shanghai China and intends to become a leading company in China’s plan for the 3rd generation semiconductor industry. In the coming years, Eta plans to build the largest GaN wafer factory in the world, so as to entitle GaN wafers to become widely used in the semiconductor materials market. In terms of strategic development, with the help of quality free-standing GaN wafers, Eta intends to research and enable high-end LED, power electronics, and other devices, so as to promote long-term plan of developing the whole industry chain.