The initial company group was founded in 1960. Our team has decades of experience in engineering and developing advanced and reliable crystal growth systems. We are a world leader in high-temperature oxide furnaces.

Scientific and innovation concept used for design development and making modern equipment. The basic lines of the company:
Supply furnaces for growth various methods (Czochralski, Kyropoulos, EFG, Bridgmen, HDSM and many other)
Provide installation and startup services with technology transfer
Design equipment for growing various types of the single crystals
Design different kind of the hot zones
Support equipment upgrade
The Apollo Crystal, produces equipment for various single crystals materials, such as: lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, YAG, gadolinium gallium garnets, langasite, sapphire, lead tungstate, bismuth germanate, silicate gadolinium, zinc selenide, and many others. The produced equipment, depending on technical requirements, can be equipped with various atmosphere systems. Single crystal growth may produce in vacuum or atmosphere with inert gas or oxidizing etc. Thus, conditions of growth the system of giving and a gas channel, and system of change of atmosphere, or mixing. High optical quality of the obtained sapphire crystals, use for production substrates for ultra - bright light-emitting diodes (LED). The technologies used at production of the equipment, are one of the front lines in the world. The Company Group basis on the command of specialists with highly skilled, having long-term experience, high culture, often innovative, innovative approach to the decision typical and not typical tasks. Work often occurs to attraction of scientific potential of various scientific research institutes from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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