Seen BnTek Co., Ltd.

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor equipment and mobile phone manufacturing automation systems, robots for factory automation, equipment

Nine Bell Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
ROBOTS for semiconductor industry. Automation equipment in semiconductor, LCD, OLED, LED.

Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Wafer transfer system ( SORTER/EFEM) technology, Standard Mechanical Interface(SMIF) technology, ultra-clean automation/ EUV automation technology, wafer surface curing processes, AGV, wafer ultra-clean automation storage system, and RFID tracking system.

Beijing Jingyi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Semiconductor temperature control device series (Chiller), robot series (Wafer Sorter / AMR), local scrubber (Local Scrubber) and other special equipment, is now widely used in semiconductors, LED, LCD and other fields


 , DE Manufacturer
PCB, Photo Chemical Milling (PCM), Surface Finishing, Thermal Processing Furnaces and Ovens, Automation Equipment. Solar production equipment.

Jabil Precision Automation Solutions

 , US Manufacturer,  Turnkey Systems Integrator
Automated manufacturing systems. Advanced manufacturing and robotics integration.

Fabmatics GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer
Material handling automation for semiconductor industry and and equipment suppliers.

ZS-Handling GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer
Ultrasound non-contact end-effectors. Contactless pick-and-place of solar wafers. Contactless substrate handling and inspection.

United BC Team Sdn Bhd

 , MY Manufacturer,  Service Company,  Turnkey Systems Integrator
Semiconductor factory automation. Material handling and system integration


 , DE Manufacturer
Vibration Isolation Modules and Platforms, Wafer and Mask handling systems, service lifting tools, structural dynamic system platforms.

Tempress Systems

 , NL Manufacturer
Diffusion and CVD process equipment

R2D automation

 , FR Manufacturer
Wafer handling equipment manufacturer with a extensive experience on semiconductor industry.


 , DE Distributor,  Manufacturers' Rep
Distributor of products for frontend wafer processing, wafer handling, metrology and also in products used for general thin film technologies and flat panel display technologies.