KITEC provide metrology and automation solutions to the semiconductor industry and delivers advanced metrology for resistivity and resistance measurement and also optical defect inspection system from manual to automatic operating system with full AI capability for defect count and classification.

KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH operates as distributor and manufacturer’s representative for hightech leading edge products. We are specialized in products for frontend wafer processing, wafer handling, metrology and also in products used for general thin film technologies and flat panel display technologies.

KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH is operating very successful throughout Europe with a link to the US market. We are completing our line card with new products for a better service to our customers. 

Non Contact Resistance and Resistivity Measurement
Optical Defect Inspection
Wafer Edge Defect Inspection
Wafer Handling Systems
Wafer Handling Tools
Wafer Loader
Wafer Sorter
Wafer ID Reader
Vacuum Wands



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