Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd a holding subsidiary of Han’s Laser Industry Group.(Stock code:002008)(Previously a branch company of Fortrend Engineering Corp USA based in Shenyang China, acquired by Han’s Laser in 2016)。
The company entered state of the art 5000 square meters manufacturing facility in the Han’s Laser Enterprise Bay Park in March 2017, the manufacturing facility includes a machine shop, a 1000 meter ISO class 5 clean room for assembly and testing and R&D center. The total investment of the project is 200million YUAN,,Fortrend has nearly 40 years of technology experience in the semiconductor industry, Shanghai Fortrend Technology has the most advanced technology in China in wafer transfer system ( SORTER/EFEM) technology 、Standard Mechanical Interface(SMIF) technology, ultra-clean automation/ EUV automation technology, wafer surface curing processes, AGV, wafer ultra-clean automation storage system, and RFID tracking system. Fortrend can provide the best integration solution for domestic semiconductor production lines.
Shanghai Fortrend technology has a total of about 170 employees, nearly 60 R&D teams, and nearly 40 sales and after-sales technical support team.
The R&D team consisted of doctors, masters, and undergraduate Engineers specializing in the Semiconductor automation industry. The average age is 35 years old. It is a team with innovative vitality and spirit.
Since the establishment of the company, Fortrend focus on the semiconductor wafer automation field, invested in R&D and production of semiconductor wafer transfer system. Committed to creating customized overall solutions for semiconductor wafers, reticle transfer automation systems, and semiconductor customized automation transfer solutions. Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd has obtained 22 independent intellectual property rights, including 8 invention patents and 14 utility patents.
Since its establishment, Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd has continuously strengthened on-site management, through the optimized operation, technological transformation, and equipment improvements. Increasing the potential and improving the performance capability, highlighting the advantage of a professional operating company. Shanghai Fortrend Technology Co., Ltd goal is to assisting the Chinese Semiconductor industry to improve and master the manufacturing of wafers and chips. Make every effort to work hard for the overall goal of Made in China 2025.

Fortrend Engineering USA is a holding subsidiary of Han’s Laser Industry Group.(Stock code:002008), established in 1979 in the heart of Silicon Valley California Fortrend has been supplying automation solutions to the Semiconductor industry for over forty years.Fortrend Engineering USA is a leader in batch wafer transfer technologies, Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF) technologies, ultra-clean automation solutions, and wafer surface curing processes for the semiconductor and PV industries.It is located in San Jose and shares its location with Hans Laser USA. Fortrend Engineering USA designs and builds batch wafer transfer systems for 100, 125, 150 and 200mm wafers.
It designed and patterned the 200mm SMIF pod loader with robot loading arm and mini-environment (PLUS 500) for the first 200mm SMIF FAB – HP-Corvallis USA in 1995.
It has developed a number SMIF Reticle pod load port solutions for the 193 and EUV masks to transfer the Masks from shipping and storage boxes to SMIF pods. Fortrend Engineering USA supplies a number of the leading metrology and Mask repair OEM’s with load ports to support RSP 150, RSP 200 and EUV SMIF pods.
It designs and builds custom Reticle transfer systems per customer requirements.
It has over 20 employees supporting design, R & D, manufacturing and service of the product lines.

Fortrend Taiwan is a holding subsidiary of Han’s Laser Industry Group.(Stock code:002008)(Previously a branch company of Fortrend Engineering Corp  USA)。
Established in 2001 to support Fortrend Engineering USA Fortrend Taiwan became a 100% Fortrend own subsidiary in 2008.
Based in Hsinchu Fortrend Taiwan occupies a 2,200m² facility to support supporting design, R & D, manufacturing and service of the product lines.
Fortrend Taiwan has over 40 engineers, assemblers and support staff.
Fortrend Taiwan has developed a range of automated thermal Curing Oven systems to support 3DIC profile curing, Polyimide cure, Photo resist cure, Copper Anneal, Copper Oxide Removal processes for 200 and 300mm wafers.
Fortrend Taiwan designs and builds a ranges of 200 and 300 mm EFEM’s and wafer sorters, a 300mm FOUP opener
Fortrend Taiwan working with ASM has developed a new EFEM for the ASM E2000 tool.


Wafer Handling System
Mask/Reticle Handling System
Wafer Thermal Curing System
Semiconductor Sub-Nanometer Automated
Other Semiconductor Automation