We are producers Permanent washable mats contamination control.

Washable and antimicrobial floor covering in PVC which captures and reduces contamination and pathogen transfer. Specially designed and manufactured to capture and reduce contaminant particles carried by soles and wheels, generating effective protection against contamination.  Permanent Tack Mat Flooring/Contamination Control, Polymer Flooring, Clean Room Flooring, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biomedical, Semiconductor, Data Center, Microelectronics/Contamination Control Mats and Floor Coverings.


The protection is guaranteed

Installation is quick and easy: simply unroll in the desired area. It is possible to detach and reposition the mat thanks to the removable adhesive layer placed on the base - water-resistant acrylic adhesive. This adhesive contains the antimicrobial Biomaster: in this way the protection is guaranteed both on the surface and at the base of the mat. Order the size you need, unroll it,remove the protective liner and lay it.

Adopting a floor level contamination control solution helps to contribute to the most effective control strategy,
also and especially in critical areas.




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