Semiconductor Equipment
With our accumulated know-how and field-proven skills related to gas purification and waste gas treatment essential to the manufacturing of semiconductors, and thanks to a variety of technical innovations and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet increasingly diversified needs.

Gas purifiers
Gas purifiers
*Normal-temperature adsorption gas purifier
*Palladium alloy membrane permeation hydrogen gas purifier
*Getter-type gas purifier
*Normal-temperature adsorption air purifier
Waste gas cleaners
Waste gas cleaners
*Pioclean Cartridge/Detecting agent
*Waste gas cleaner for semiconductors
*Emergency Safety Equipment
*Combustion type waste gas cleaner
*PFC catalyst thermal decomposition equipment
*Ammonia decomposition and detoxifying equipment
*Adsorption and regeneration type waste gas cleaner
*Thermal detoxifying equipment
Other semiconductor gas purifying equipment
Other semiconductor gas purifying equipment
*PIOFINE cartridge
*Line filters