Provide a cutting-edge end-to-end AI solutions for semicon quality inspection by adding the Robovision AI intelligence to your opoerations. Count on a proven specialised semiconductor algorithm and workflows to reliably do defect detection and classification for the most challenging environments and processes.

The Robovision AI platform enables successfully scaling vision AI initiatives in production by seamlessly orchestrating the process of creating, deploying and maintaining human intelligence-powered automation. It takes any 2D or 3D image as input.

Built around the philosophy of collaborative intelligence, it enables application domain experts and data scientists to combine their knowhow into AI models with proven accuracy.

Robovision uses the power of computer vision and AI to take automation to a new level. We have enabled AI vision on over a thousand machines globally, driving excellence and adaptability. Our platform tackles the biggest hurdles of AI adoption: scaling and maintenance. With a focus on creating an environment where AI operations are simplified and sustainable, Robovision offers an end-to-end, no-code solution. This allows frontline operators to adapt and maintain AI models without the need for specialised skills. By embracing Robovision, you don't just get smarter processes—you get a strategic edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace.




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