Founded in Jan, 2018, ESOL pioneers essential EUV solutions
designed for EUV lithography
Our expertise in EUV source, EUV optics and system engineering
enables EUV industry to achieve their success in EUV lithography
We have a deep market understanding in EUV lithography area
and can provide any support for all our customers who wants
cost effective EUV production.
Core Competitiveness

Coherent EUV Source
ESOL’s compact clean EUV source provides
cost effective maintenance and offers
a wide range of applications.

EUV diffractive Optics
By implementing diffraction element instead
of using an EUV mirrors can deliver EUV light
to target sample with low cost and efficiency.

UHV and Nano System
ESOL's ultra high vacuum
and nano stage technology provides customers
with the best results without any compromise

Scanning Reflection EUV Microscope

A scanning reflection EUV microscope (SREM) is a type of microscope which has similar application with SEM(scanning electron microscope), STEM(scanning transmission electron microscope) and SPM (scanning probe microscope). As with other scanning microscopy, images are formed by scanning of fine EUV beam spot which is focused through a sufficiently thin membrane of zone plate.
Obtaining EUV actinic images during the EUV blank and EUV mask fabrication is very important.
Unlike conventional EUV imaging method which is necessary large area EUV mirrors, ESOL has developed SREM by approaching scanning method to reduce the cost of ownership while maintaining acquisition of high performance EUV image.
ESOL’s SREM adopts ultra high vacuum, hyperfine vibration control and nano positioning system to avoid compromising image performance with scanning method.



Low cost of ownership of EUV mask imaging
Long MTBF and Short MTTR
Small foot print
High extendibility to future node
Defect Image    Reference image
EUV mask pattern’s aerial image analysis
EUV mask defect and pattern verification after repair
Verification for compensation EUV phase defect repair
EUV blank defect shift and size verification
EUV mask lifetime monitoring
EUV mask blind layer verification
Printable actinic defect disposition from DUV inspection
result with ESOL actinic review and algorithm

EUV mask phase measurement system

An Ephase is world first EUV mask phase measurement system for EUV PSM (Phase Shift Mask) verification.
Today, Industry use EUV binary mask for 7nm node, but EUV PSM would be a strong candidate for the performance optimization of future EUV imaging below the 5nm node beyond.
Industry exploring EUV PSM to reduce mask 3D effect, best focus shift and contrast fading. Att.
EUV PSM gives more NILS(Normalized Image Log Slope) gain relative to conventional Ta based absorber.
ESOL has developed direct measurement method of double slit interference which gives high sensitivity of phase of EUV light diffraction.
This system will help the users who want to quantify the exact phase amount in EUV PSM production so that can maximize patterning performance.


World first EUV phase measurement system
High speed and high accuracy EUV phase measurement
Small foot print
Monitoring EUV PSM for stable production
Monitoring process error during PSM production
Monitoring phase amount of EUV blank

EUV pellicle transmission and reflectance measurement system

EUVPTR is a tool provides massive transmittance and reflectance data of EUV Pellicle.
EUV pellicle is a essential material for successful EUV lithography.
The quality of EUV pellicle may give a great influence on patterning, unlike ArF pellicle, which has high transmittance.
Not only to measure the membrane quality before delivery to wafer fab, but the transmittance or reflectance may change when exposed to EUV light for a very long time while using it.
ESOL's EUVPTR can measure the transmittance and reflectance of the entire EUV Pellicle at a very high speed.
Based on these results, EUV lithographers can obtain higher performance of EUV patterning so that higher yield can be expected.


High speed and massive measurements of
EUV transmittance and reflectivity
Quality assurance for EUV pellicle manufacturing
Incoming inspection of EUV pellicle
Real time quality monitoring of EUV pellicle during
EUV production
Compensation of EUV mask CD uniformity
after EUV pellicle mounting

EUV Micro-interference Lithography Equipment

EMiLE is an stand alone interference EUV lithography tool for repeated lines or repeated holes printing.
To obtain a continuous EUV line patterning, the interference lithography technology uses the interference phenomenon of EUV light that passes through two gratings without a EUV mask.
Although it cannot expose a random pattern, this can be utilized in many EUV R&D side or early stages of EUV material development.
The possible resolution is 5nm node or less.
Many application can be applied with this cost effective EUV patterning method.


Cost effective EUV patterning of periodic lines and holes
Stand alone interference EUV lithography tool without
EUV mask
Effective Cost of ownership for EUV material or tool
Customized line / hole size for user demand
EUV resist development
EUV under layer development
EUV process tool development
EUV resist sensitivity monitoring for stable production
EUV lithography condition pre-check before EUV
scanner using



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