Yueguan Technology Co., Ltd. entered the water quality analysis instrument industry in 2010. It has devoted itself to the water treatment industry on the land of Taiwan. It has worked silently and hoped to provide a better living environment for the next generation. At present, its main customers are TSMC, Taipower, Petrochemical industry and semiconductor technology giants such as CNPC, Formosa Plastics Group, and Zhonglong Steel.

In 2015, it stepped into the electroplating processing equipment industry, providing products such as rectifiers, pumps, heaters, and plasma cleaners that are indispensable for the electroplating process, and can provide semiconductor and PCB industries. In response to industrial development and business needs, the company established a headquarter office in Taoyuan in 2015, and established service bases in various regions of Taiwan (Hsinchu, Yunlin, Tainan, etc.) to provide better and more comprehensive sales and after-sales services.

Yueguan Technology is a professional service manufacturer of water quality analysis instruments and electroplating treatment equipment. Our products bring good quality to customers, and provide comprehensive after-sales services at the same time, allowing customers to achieve additional effects in applications.

Adhering to the concept of "take from the society and use it for the society" , the company actively cooperates with various civil society organizations to deeply understand social needs, care for and assist vulnerable groups, and Yueguan Technology routinely arranges community services and donates a day With the income, I hope to use the power of the enterprise to feed back to the society, help more people in need, and fulfill a corporate social responsibility.



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