HYREL is a worldwide provider of high quality, quick turn semiconductor modification solutions serving the military, space, automotive, energy and commercial markets to companies seeking to improve product reliability.

The professionals at Hyrel have built a custom facility for the express purpose of leveraging and improving the component modification process. Our team has over 80 years of reball and tinning expertise, allowing us to provide you exceptional value, precision, and delivery services to our customers.  We endeavor to become your first source and technical guide to many of the solder attach, microelectronic component modification and packaging challenges that you face today.

Hyrel was founded under the concept that quick turn delivery of cost effective, precision component modification services should be easy to order, easy to qualify and easy to use.

Combine this concept with guaranteed timeline for delivery upon acceptance of your order, allowing for easy internet ordering and real-time process monitoring of your order, we can provide you with personalized prompt responsiveness by our customer engineering team, together you’ll have world class access to professionals at Hyrel Technologies, Inc. when you need It.

Our Services Include:

Robotic Hot Solder Component Tinning*
Component Solder Ball Removal and Replacement*
Component Tape and Reel Packaging Services*
Component Bake and Dry Pack Services*
*Hyrel Quick Turn Precision capability is available for both large and small order quantities our “quick turn precision service” provides a product delivery timeline that in most cases allows us to process your order within 5 days of receipt of your product.


BGA Component Reballing Services
BGA reballing services require uniquely designed machinery and a high degree of skill and expertise to ensure quality connections and reliability. The Hyrel BGA component reballing process has been custom engineered to produce quality results with the utmost precision, speed and efficiency.

At Hyrel, we are committed to providing only the highest quality BGA reballing services in the industry. We are ITAR compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified, which allows us to provide services to our customers in aerospace, defense, industrial and a wide range of other specialty industries. We are committed to using only the latest technology for the most efficient and cost-effective services that meet even the most stringent industry standards. Our compliance operations also include:

Quality System Certification AS9100 Rev D
Full ESD Environment
Strict Humidity and Temperature Control
Comprehensive Process Documentation and Traceability
In addition, Hyrel has a secured contract with EasySpheres Inc. in order to deliver next day supply of solder spheres for your application. EasySpheres is a leading global supplier of high-performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets.

Hyrel Component reballing services are appropriate for:

Conversion to Tin-Lead
Conversion to RoHS Compliance
Ball Attach to LGA, QFN and DFN packages
Ball pitch from 0.40mm
Processing of ceramic and plastic BGAs and LGAs
LGA Gold Removal and Reballing
Conversion to leaded spheres for Hi-Rel Applications

Robotic Hot Solder Component Tinning
The five founding partners, have a combined experience directly involving the creation of the robotic hot solder component tinning process beginning in the 1980’s to win TMTI approval. Through continuous process Improvements we can now offer a world class “touchless” process for removing Tin dendrites and removing and replacing solder alloys as needed for high component reliability requirements.

By accepting proven processes and leveraging industry leading robotic solutions, Hyrel has mastered a level of precision and repeatable quality beyond that our competitors, Hyrel leaders in the market of component reliability modifications that cannot be matched.

Common uses for Robotic Hot Solder Component Tinning:

ROHS Compliance
Restoration of Solderability
Tin Dendrite removal
Component reuse
Hyrel is Compliant to:

ANSI – J-STD-002
Mil- STD202
Mil – STD-883

Component Taping and Packaging Services
Our manual and automated taping systems allow for flexible, reliable, and quick services as per industry standards EIA-481-E.  Additionally, armed with the addition of automated tape forming process and a broad inventory of taped pockets—including hard-to-find component pockets—we can readily support a variety of component package types, including:

Surface mount.  We offer pocketed reels made with embossed and punched carrier and cover tape.
We offer inside paper tape spacing for capacitors.
We offer punched paper tape for leads.
We offer in-house pocket design and tool services for non-standard shaped components.
Component Laser marking and bar coding
GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 Long Term Storage package
J-STD-033 Dry bake and MSL packaging
Custom Thermoformed Trays
In every tape and reel or packaging project, our expert team carefully chooses the appropriate materials to prevent loading/unloading issues and electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures in sensitive electronic parts.

Hyrel Capabilities:

Surface Mount Spheres
Tray or Tube Bake
Trays, Tubes Waffle Pack
Heat Seal or PSA
Component De-Tape
Automated Placement
Standard or Customizable Bar Coding
Capacitance or resistance testing