SM, founded in 1979, have vigorously endeavored to accede in peerless position on Mechanical Sealing, Silicon Carbide, and Welded Metal Bellows technology. A joint-venture with Flow serve in 1991 resuscitated the company suitable for rapidly changing global market. During a process where our company developed mutually with our customers, we acquired great deal of valuable experiences. Now, those experiences became our greatest asset. Deriving from these achievements we strive for customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, dead line, and cost. To uphold our motto, 'Relentless pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction', we, the entire member of KSM Corporation, devote ourselves to become the world-best by upright management, efficient investment, and with creative innovation. We are ready to supply high quality products to customers with low prices by eliminating redundant overhead costs and by adapting various efficient application engineering techniques such as chemical cleaning process and heat treatment process. FEA analysis and designing techniques using Advanced Technology, as well as excellent factory stability, also play a role in reducing cost and manufacturing high quality products. 

KSM Corporation | KSM Vacuum Products, Inc. | KSM USA

In business since 1979, we now proudly custom design and manufacture a wide variety of critical application products for Semiconductor, Solar and Flat Panel OEMs, worldwide.

- Welded Metal Bellows
- Ceramic & Metal / Aluminum Heaters
- Fine Ceramics
- Mechanical and Vacuum Seals

Capacity to meet ramp up industry demands thanks to our extensive campus which house dedicated manufacturing facilities with over 1000 employees.

Capabilities Include:

- World’s Largest Cleanroom for the Welding and Assembly of Metal Bellows
- Automated Cleaning Systems
- R&D Facility validates high-cycle performance for semiconductor applications

Our products are precision-engineered into every step of the wafer manufacturing process- from Crystal Growing to Final Inspection/Packaging our Bellows & Higher Assemblies are used in extreme temperature and high-purity vacuum environments.

PROCESS: Crystal Growing | Ion Implant | Etch | CVD | MBE | CMP | Lithography | Inspection | Display Flat Panel | + …

APPLICATION: Pin Lifts | Flexible Coupling | Crucible Lifts | Expansion Joint | Feedthrough | Flex-Connector | Cassette Elevator | Door Valve Loadlock | Vibration Damper | Heater Lift | +…