Ohtama produces diffent types of products, such a 
Sensor cores and yoke. 
Various permaloy cores for current sensors (clamp cores) and CT (current transformer) cores are available.

Magnetically Shielded Room & cases
Ohtama offers a range of solutions to shield against external magnetic fields and to prevent the leakage of generated magnetic fields.

Magnetic shielding components
Shielding components for telecommunications equipment, broadcasting equipment, electron beams and electron microscopes used in semiconductor applications and medical equipment etc.

Active magnetic shields (magnetic field cancellers)
Ohtama offers an active magnetic shield system using high sensitive sensors and a Helmholtz coil

This is a ground-breaking EMC assessment system for EV motors, whose demand is increasing due to the shift to electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HV) in the automobile market. From EMC testing in the demonstration anechoic chamber to customized sales of the system, the Ohtama Group is here and ready to provide you with its full support.

and provides services like

Magnetic annealing & heat treatment
Ohtama offers a range of heat treatment services, including magnetic annealing of Permalloy and pure iron materials in a hydrogen atmosphere or in a vacuum.

Magnetic field measurement services
Ohtama provides onsite measurements at facilities where electron beam applications are used and a range of other low-frequency magnetic field measurements.

Magnetic field measurement & analysis
Magnetic field analysis and a variety of design services are also one of Ohtam's best solutions at your service.