Kecheng Yingcai was founded in April 2007. It is composed of a group of creative, technical, and industry-experienced teams.
In the early days, Kecheng Yingcai mainly made clamps and fixtures for production equipment. While assisting customers in improving machine equipment, it also laid a solid foundation for workpiece technology. After feeling the market's demand for surface inspection equipment, the company has invested a lot of manpower, capital and time to develop a series of surface inspection equipment, whether it is desktop, vertical, portable, etc. to meet customer needs. . These hard work and efforts have made the product affirmed and supported by many customers.
In recent years, due to the rising awareness of environmental protection, Kecheng Yingcai has also actively responded as a member of the earth, advocated environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction, and introduced LND and LED lamps with high efficiency and low pollution to contribute. It is also hoped that through the introduction of people's livelihood products - lamps and lanterns, it can become a leading car that leads the company to enter the mass consumer market.

Main goods/services 
Surface inspection lamps and equipment
Optoelectronic industry equipment, transformation, improvement, and related fixture precision parts
Optoelectronic industry clean room consumables
LED lighting products
TFT-LCD, Film material, polarizing plate inspection light box
Acting as an agent for precision instruments, consumables and equipment in Japan, South Korea, and mainland China
A device that uses a special light to inspect the surface of an object. Defects including surface spots, foreign matter adhesion, surface crushing, and surface scratches can be detected; the product can be used for surface inspection of panels, semiconductors, solar energy, printed circuits, various metals and optical lenses.