Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. has been marketing, installing and maintaining industrial gas generating systems, standard industrial compressor systems and engineered compressor systems throughout North America since 1994.

Since 1997 our primary mission has been assisting our clients substantially reduce their industrial nitrogen and oxygen costs by utilizing leading edge technologies such as on site nitrogen and oxygen generating systems. These systems can lower on going nitrogen or oxygen costs by as much as 90% and therefore deliver significant operating savings to our clients’ bottom line.

Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

The Purpose of Nitrogen Use for Laser Cutting
When it comes to laser cutting, nitrogen gas is used to purge atmospheric oxygen throughout the cutting surface while the laser beam simultaneously cuts the material. Depending on materials being cut and thickness of materials being cut this application can require nitrogen purities ranging between 95% and 99.999%. The end goal is to produce an excellent cut quality and oxidation-free finish and keep the durability and integrity of the material fully intact while also minimizing the cost per cut.

The Advantages of Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting
If you operate laser cutting machinery, there are a lot of advantages to installing an onsite nitrogen generating system in your metal fabrication facility. In addition to the unparalleled convenience factor of having nitrogen available on demand, an onsite nitrogen generator for laser cutting can also significantly help cut down operational costs associated with purchasing conventional nitrogen supplies.

Onsite nitrogen generating systems eliminate the need for ordering expensive, conventional sources of nitrogen supply such as nitrogen cylinder bulk packs or bulk liquid nitrogen every time your nitrogen supply runs low and needs to be replenished. Furthermore, bulk liquid nitrogen supply for laser cutting usually requires the installation of a “Trifecta” or similar system to boost nitrogen pressure to a pressure that can be used for laser cutting applications. These liquid nitrogen pressure boosting systems can require you to purge 10% - 25% of the nitrogen you are purchasing to achieve nitrogen operating pressures required by laser cutting machinery. That’s great business for the conventional gas supplier but a lot of wasted nitrogen for the laser operator.

An onsite nitrogen generator 100% eliminates this waste and associated cost. The convenience of generating your own nitrogen onsite also gives you more control and access to monitoring the purity levels of the nitrogen for specific applications.



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