We provide the most suitable solution by combining core technology and manufacturing process innovation.
Business Domain
Thin Film Forming Equipment Business
Thin Film Forming Equipment Business 
FPD (Flat Panel Display) Equipment Business
FPD (Flat Panel Display) Equipment Business 
Semiconductor Equipment Business
Semiconductor Equipment Business 
LCS (Life Cycle Support) Business
LCS (Life Cycle Support) Business

TFE*1 Forming Equipment for Flexible Organic EL
Light emitting layer (RGB) film forming equipment for organic EL
Other peripheral equipment
Nanoimprint Forming Equipment
Roll-to-roll application system
*1 TFE(Thin Film Encapsulation)

FPD (Flat Panel Display) equipment business
We offer total solution as process to high-speed seal drawing dispenser / inkjet liquid crystal dispenser / high precision vacuum assembling system that realizes quality improvement of liquid crystal panel and stable mass production. We have lineup to G10.5 (2, 940 mm × 3, 370 mm) of the world's largest board size.

Seal Dispenser
Seal Dispenser

High precision, high speed drawing system
Free form drawing
Substrate size 8”wafer ~ G 10.5
Labor saving function, syringe automatic change function
Liquid Crystal Dispenser
Liquid Crystal Dispenser

High speed, surface application (inkjet method)
Free form application
Substrate size 8”wafer ~ G 10.5
Labor saving function, automatic liquid crystal supply function
Vacuum Assembly System
Vacuum Assembly System

High Precision and Low Deformation Assembling System
Cell Precision Optimization Feedback
Applicable for 8inch Wafer to G10.5 Substrate

Encapsulation System for QD/OLED
Our ODF technology provides a turnkey solution for the encapsulation process of high-brightness and high-definition panels, such as Quantum dot Display, OLED, and Micro Display, and is applicable for high viscosity fill material or various materials.
Also, it can contribute to the independence of mass production together with automation technology (Smart production system).

ODF line for micro display
Micro display that is adopted for high-function projector and AR / VR device are required advanced technology such as extreme fine line drawing / extremely small amount of dripping / high precision assembling on silicon wafer and handling technology. We provide optimized solution for LCOS, and Si – OLED production line.


Microball Printing / Mounting System.
We provide the system as total solution with the experience-based process know-how to realize stable mass production, from high precision flux printer, ball printer, and inspection & repair equipment.

Vacuum laminator
Vacuum control technology and voidless laminate technology which are core technologies.
We realize stable mass production process of high quality laminate.

RGB Ink-Jet Printing System
Capable for forming materials of OLED, QDOLED and QDμLED, etc.
Supplied many process equipment and control system for large panels’ field
Turnkey solution (Ink-jet Printing, Dry, Bake, Environment)

Use optimum nozzles for materials characteristics
Material circulation mechanism for QD forming materials and accurate temperature control
Optimize wave form by intelligent ink-jet head and controller
Mass-production technology standard equipped
Matrix offset and injecting pitch (liquid-droplets’ pitch) offset
High speed inspection for all Nozzles injection and dripped volume & position
Minimize idle time by simultaneous calibration mechanism and structure
Optimize vacuum dry process
Optimum design and construction by vacuum control technology and numerical analysis
Liquid analysis, VCD vacuum dry, Liquid-droplets behavior simulation
Applicable for various pixel design
Pen tile, Side by side and Line bank
Solder Ball Mounter
Ensure and deliver mass-production by 40um solder ball
New rotary head provides high throughput (25% improved vs Conventional head)
On the fly inspection is capable for large packages without any limitation.

Items    Specifications
Line Configuration    Flux / Ball printer / Inspection & Repair
Panel Transportation    Pick & Place (Vacuum pad) or Pick & Place (Clamp)
Throughput(Tact Time)    65sec
Applicable panel size    Max. 420 x 300 - Min. 200L x 75W(mm)
Applicable ball diameter    40 - 500(μm)
Alignment repeatability    < ±10um
Missing rate (No ball ratio)    < 20ppm
Inspection method    On the fly inspection (Non-stop imaging)
Applicable max. unit size    120.0 × 120.0(mm)
Inspection time (Reference)    Approx 16sec./ 1/4 panel(144unit/panel)
Repair    With Flux W/O Flux Available
Ball remove (for extra ball)    Available

Micro Display Production System
Turnkey ODF solution for 200mm and 300mm Wafer
Deliver high performed gap control and ensure high productivity
Contributing to various micro display production now (OLED,LCOS,HTPS)

Turnkey Solution
High yield
Quick set-up & Sable mass-production
Process supports by own know-how
All in One System
 DAM drawing Dispenser
High speed & Fine line drawing (600um
 FILL coating Ink-Jet
Capable for High viscosity material (~1000mPa/s)
 VAS (Vacuum Assembling System)
High accurate assembling (Accuracy: 3σ≦0.2um)
Smart Production System
Capable system for factory automated production & Remote supports system
Integrated control for process equipment and material supply system
Provide a solution for clean environment and products

System integrated Control & Management
Optimal process
Energy saving
Maintenance & Service
Automation 1
(for Process Equipment)
Material supply
Set-up for products changeover
Automation 2
(for Transport System & Unit)
Transport system
Set-up for materials preparation

Set Up for materials preparation (Example)

Transport system(Example)

Set Up for production changeover(Example)


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