Package Focus
Our products support a wide variety of semiconductor packaging including:

High Density
TQFP, LQFP, PQFP (Triple, Dual, Matrix Format)
Micro Packages in Matrix Format (SOTs / SC)
Quad Flat No leads package (QFN)

QFN is the fastest growing package in the industry due to its near CSP design with excellent electrical and thermal performance. DCI had been producing QFN frame in mass production since year 2000. Since then DCI had produced millions of QFN leadframes and over 1000 different part number for various customer. Capable to plate with spot Ag, ring plate (single, double or triple) or NiPdAu (Standard, Micro, Advanced Micro or RT Advanced Micro). Also available with MSL Enhancement Process (MEP) for better MSL performance. Capable to provide with or without taping (both Silicone adhesive type eg Nitto, 3M or Thermoplastic type eg Hitachi).

Quad Flat Package (QFP)

Dynacraft manufactures QFP lead frames in many configurations. Also available in matrix formats. Internal lead pitch is minimized to shorten gold wire length. Some frames have epoxy locks around the die-attach pad for enhanced package reliability.

QFP lead frame can be produce by etching to achieve fine pitch, we are capable of 150 micron inner lead pitch for 5 mil material and with very tight Silver plating thickness range of 100 micro inch. Bakend tooling process has capability on deep downset from 2.8X to 5.8X of material thickness and taping with 4 sided segment tapes for single, dual and three row format.

Small Outlines (SO) Package

SO Package
Two main cost factors in manufacturing leadframes are unit area and through-put. Unit area translates directly to copper usage. Through-put has direct impact on total overhead cost. Matrix leadframes have lower cost than single or dual-strand leadframes because they have smaller unit area and higher through-put.

Dynacraft has a wide variety of matrix SO leadframes as well as traditional single/dual-strand designs to fit existing mold tooling. All parts can be supplied with standard silver spot plating, ring plating.