The company was found in June 1992, completed the joint-stock system in October 2002 to be changed into Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics Co., Ltd., it is a national new high-tech enterprise specialized in development, production and sales of various semiconductor packaging materials. The company mainly produces special equipment demanded by various semiconductor encapsulation lead frames, bonding wires, wire electrodes and production framework, and other products...

Bonding gold wires
Bonding copper wires
Bonding silver wires

DIP Series
MSOP Series Inquiry
PD15 Series
PMSOP Series
SSOP Series
ESOP Series
SOP Series
SIP Series
TO-92 Series
TO-94 Series
TO-126 Series
TO-220 Series
TO-251 Series
TO-251 Series
TO-252 Series
TO-252 Series
TO-263 Series
TO-263 Series
SOT-89 Series

DFN Series
IC Series
QFN Series
SOP Series
SOT Series
TSOT Series
CPC 4L (16R)(80.6×62.6)
SOD-123 12R
SOD-323 16R
SOD-523 20R
SOP PP(150mil)(12R)-C(90×90)
SOP8(150mil) (12R)-F(98×76) (98×76)