Shenzhen Casignals Hardware Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serving customers all over the world with metal parts design and technical assistance.

We are specializing in providing customers with one stop solution of high precision metal parts.
Our main technologies including photo chemical etching, laser cutting, wire cutting, precision stamping and CNC machining.

Casignals can save customers‘ cost and time by providing them with a quick turnaround on prototypes to mass production runs.

Create value for our customers is our responsibility. Quality products and sincere service is our eternal pursuit.

Main Technologies


Photo Chemical Etching
Main Products: Shadow mask, encoder disk, precision filter mesh, metal grid,  thin shims, flat spring, Half etched panel..

Material : stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum


Laser Cutting & Wire Cutting 
Main Products: Precision air slit of 10um, 15um, 20um ,25um, 30um etc, Metal shims, Metal Washers, Metal decor. 
Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum etc

Precision stamping 
Main Products: Speaker grille cover, Terminals, washers, 
Lead frames ,EMI & RF shielding.

CNC Machining 
Main Products: shaft, bush, aluminum ring coverm bolt, screw etc.