Semiconductor Materials

Qualitek offers a range of technologically advanced materials engineered to fulfill the demanding applications for the semiconductor industry. Qualitek’s offerings include Wafer Bumping Fluxes, Wafer Bumping Paste Fluxes, Flip Chip Fluxes and Ball Attached Paste Fluxes.
 Semiconductor Materials
 Type    Features     Flux Type     Application Method     Flux Classification     Halogen Content
WF-710    Wafer Bumping Flux: Uniform bump shape, non-corrosive to underbump metallization. Contact Sales For SDS | WF-710 TDS | Flyer |    Water-Soluble    Spin Coating    ORL0    Halogen-Free
WF-711     Wafer Bumping Flux: Avoids wetting on copper pillar. Contact Sales For SDS | WF-711 TDS | Flyer |    Water-Soluble     Spin Coating     ORH0     Halogen-Free
 PF-709WB     Wafer Bumping Paste Flux: consisten printability, excellent attachment of solder spheres onto wafer. Contact Sales For SDS | PF-709WB TDS | Flyer |    

 Printing    ROL0    Halogen-Free
Delta X1    Flip Chip Flux: Extremely low residue, compatible with underfills. Contact Sales For SDS | Delta X1 TDS | Flyer |    No-Clean    Dipping    ROL0    Zero-Halogen
 PF-709AD     Ball Attached Paste Flux: Stable transfer volume, excellent attachment of solder spheres onto BGA/CSP. Contact Sales For SDS | PF-709AD TDS | Flyer |    Water-Soluble    Pin Transfer /Dipping    ORH0    Halogen-Free