World’s top-tier reliability which never to be seen in the industry

It is the only company with in-house GaN Fab which gives distinct characteristics of high efficiency, high output, and wide bandwidth. These elements will help to not only minimize the RF Module system, but also to reduce the weight.

Packaged GaN TR
Experienced in development of Packaged TR for Military system (Ground, Marine, Aviation)

Owns top-notch package technology in Korea and provides military & commercial products to our customers. Wavice has a variety of experience in IMFET(Internal Matched FET) sector. Quality control which follows AS9100D, we will supply only the very best quality products to our customers.

Experienced in development of RF module for Electronic Warfare(Ground, Marine, Aviation)

Module industry for defense which initiated in 2011 has the greatest competitive edge in Korea. SCM integrating from Die to Module, development from beginning to mass production can be completed in a short period of time. Especially for defense industry where security is critical, we promise to ensure top level security.