With a longstanding history of operating factories overseas, we have an extensive network of overseas contractors in addition to our factories in the Philippines and China. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill the needs of our customers with careful attention to detail. Furthermore, we have actively transferred our technology in molds to our overseas bases from the start. Essentially all of the overseas factories have maintained the level and system of technology to produce the molds in-house, which allows the stable supply of products that are of Japan-quality.

The Group has systemized an integrated production framework covering the processes from mold design and mold production to metal pressing, precious metal plating, and injection molding. We have also established a one-stop system to accomocate customer requests in Japan and overseas, making it possible to deliver high-quality, ultra-precision parts to customers in short delivery times and large quantities.

Moreover, in order to realize a sustainable society, we are actively working on the development of next-generation technologies for decarbonization. We are currently conducting research and development as part of the industry-government-academia collaboration project with Yamanashi Prefecture and the University of Yamanashi on key components of hydrogen fuel cells (new separators for polymer electrolyte fuel cells), which are considered to be the next-generation energy source.

Technology that makes the impossible possible
We have the expertise to offer solutions to requests that could not have been fulfilled through traditional methods

Offering comprehensive support to customers from product development to mass productaion
We will start with the initial prototyping using punch presses and offer comprehensive support for our customers' needs from prototyping to mass production.

Reducing costs by utilizing Enomoto's overseas factories
We can reduce costs by shifting the manufacturing of the products, for which the mass production system has already been established in Japan, to our overseas locations.

Providing full support for product development with
45 years of experience in LED lead frames
Enomoto's know-how, cultivated over the years through its achievements and experience, will serve to benefit the customers in their pursuit to develop new LED products.

Highly evaluated for the thorough management
of quality and environment
We have the means to respond to our customers' inquiries with the utmost confidence to provide assurance to customers upon placing an order.

Integrated production in our China factory from
mold production to pressing and resin molding
From design to assembly, we can achieve integrated production in our facilities and network in China.

Significantly reducing costs using the ultimate mold
with 20 times the durability
We offer long-life molds that reduce running costs and provide a stable supply.