Semiconductor Materials
High Purity Etching Gases
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY CHLORINE    Etching Gas    Cl2    ≧99.999    -34.1
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY HYDROGEN BROMIDE    Etching Gas    HBr    ≧99.999    -66.7
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY BORON TRICHLORIDE    Etching Gas    BCl3    ≧99.9999    12.5
ALD/CVD Precursors
Product property list

ADEKA SUPER TEOS    Dielectric Film    Si(OC2H5)4    ≧99.999995    166
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TMOP    Dopant    PO(OCH3)3    ≧99.999995    197
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TEOP    Dopant    PO(OC2H5)3    ≧99.999995    215
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TMB    Dopant    B(OCH3)3    ≧99.999995    69
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TEB    Dopant    B(OC2H5)3    ≧99.999995    118
PRODUCT NAME    USE    FORMULA    Vapor pressure
TEMAZ    High-k    Zr[N(C2H5)(CH3)]4    1Torr / 90℃
Copper Plating Materials
Base Solution (VMS)    High Purity Copper Sulfate Solution
Additives Accelerator    Application of high current density is possible by original composition.
Additives Suppressor    The various surfactants of ADEKA possession are used.
Additives Leveler    It can efficiently plate TSV of a high aspect.
Quality Control System
"In order to improve quality assurance function of high-purity semiconductor products, in 2003 we constructed equipment dedicated for analysis and quality control in our Kashima Plant. We control high accuracy analysis to be required for the next generation semiconductor in combination with manufacturing, thereby seeking to speed up responses to customers.
We have acquired the international quality management standards ISO9001 and the international environmental management system standards ISO14001 at an earlier stage."