MS Materials is a material company that manufactures and sells gas and chemical materials for semiconductor and display manufacturing processes.

Started as a gas analysis business in special gas and general gas in 2008, MS Materials is a specialized materials company that manufactures and sells special gases for semiconductor, precursor, silicon wafer manufacturing and slurries for CMP, MEMS processes. With ongoing technology development to keep pace with the growth of domestic and overseas semiconductor and display industries, MS Materials is playing a pivotal role in the domestic and overseas material markets.

Speciality Gas
Special gases are very rare or high purity gases that are generally used in the semiconductor and display industries.

MS Materials can deliver CH3CL, HCL, DMA, TCS, STC and DCS.

Trichlorosilane(TCS : SiHCl3)MSDS
Colorless, liquefied gas with the smell of hydrogen chloride.
Not explosive, but explosive reactions occur with acetonitrile and diphenylsulfoxide.
Reacts violently with alcohol, amine, metal oxide and peroxide, causes corrosive reaction to metal.
Usagechemical vapor, epitaxial silicon deposition (CVD process / EPI)
CYLINDERS60L(60KG) / 210L(250KG)
Colorless, transparent liquefied gas with a strong odor.
Reacts with corrosive water or moist air and produces hydrogen chloride and polymeric siloxane, which may ignite spontaneously.
Air and mixture may cause explosion when heated in confined spaces.
UsageNitride film (SiN) deposition in semiconductor manufacturing process / Precursor synthesis raw material
CYLINDERS10L(9KG) / 40L(35KG) / 44L(41KG) / 440L(450KG) / 995L(900KG)
Dimethylamine(DMA : C2H7N)MSDS
Colorless, transparent water-soluble liquid with a fishy smell.
When reacting with peroxide substances, they can violently decompose and form explosive substances.
Do not mix with acids, metals, halogens, combustible substances, oxidizing agents, etc.
UsageRaw materials for rubber chemicals (vulcanization accelerators, anti-aging agents) / paper chemicals and water treatment agents / synthetic raw materials for precursors
Tetrachlorosilane(STC : SiCl4)MSDS
Colorless, transparent liquid vapor liquefied gas with a suffocating odor.
Exothermic reaction with water to produce highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid and silicic acid.
UsageManufacture of tetraalkoxysilane and silica fiber optical waveguide / raw material of silica and hydrogen chloride / synthetic rubber additive
CYLINDERS47L(30KG) / 60L(60KG)
Hydrogen chloride(HCl)MSDS
Colorless or pale yellow liquefied gas with a strong odor.
Reacts violently with water to release heat and toxic/corrosive/combustible gases.
Strong corrosiveness.
UsageEtching, LCD chemicals, polysilicon manufacturing / Metal surface treatment and water treatment / pesticides, dyes, iron chloride, etc.
CYLINDERS49L(25KG) / 900L(500KG)
Colorless, transparent liquefied gas with an etheric odor.
Do not mix with metals and halogens.
Pyrolysis produces phosgene, acid halogen compounds, and carbon oxides.
UsageOrganic synthesis (butyl rubber, silicone resin, methylcellulose production) / extractant, low temperature solvent, refrigerant (refrigerant) / medicine, pesticide, foaming agent, non-combustible film

CMP Slurry
The CMP process is one of the eight semiconductor processes that smoothly polish the surface of a semiconductor wafer using chemical and mechanical forces. In the semiconductor process, it is an essential process to make only thin films of uniform thickness, as it is not possible to make thin films of uniform thickness only by the deposition process.

CMP(Chemical Mechanical Polishing)
Major semiconductor application processes include STI, ILD/IMD CMP processes, and MS Materials produces Ceria Slurry used during aforementioned processes. Our product characteristics are High Selectivity, Low Scratch, Low Defect and customization for individual customers. In addition, MS Materials Ceria Slurry can be applied for MEMS device polishing and has excellent performance and characteristics.
Usage Used to polish the wafer smoothly by using chemical reaction and mechanical force.

Service Overview
Process Analysis in Semiconductor, display industrial process, nuclear & thermal power plant atmospheric component analysis, fuel cell manufacturing, chemical plant, LED gas process, solar cell gas manufacturing.
Industrial process high purity gas purity analysis, impurity content analysis (qualitative and quantitative).
Quality check for mixed gas and provides component analysis technology support.
Gas analysis for calibration of analysis equipment.
Pretreatment and Analysis of flammable, toxic, and corrosive gases.