GRITEK is sponsored by General Research Institute for Norferrous Metals through fund raising. It was established on March 12, 1999, and listed at Shaghai stock Exchange (stock referred to as "GRITEK"). By august 2009,the registered capital of the company is RMB217.5 million.

Located in Zhongguancun science and Technology Park,GRITEK is a high-tech enterprise covering a construction area over 30000 square meters, who has more than 700 employees and is quipped with international standard production facilities. GRITEK has undertaken a number of national key projects in the silicon material field during the 9th,10th, and 11th Five-year Plan periods, which also helped to promote the development of related domestic supporting industries and technologies. GRITEK owned more than 50 patents. Its products can be widely used in integrated circuits, discrete devices, solar cell and other fields and the products have won a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets. Its products are exported to the United States, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places and it has established a good corporate image in the industry.

National Englineering Research Center for Semiconductor Materials
GRITEK is the supproting unit of the National Engineering Research Center for semiconductor materials. The center's mission is to develop key technologies for semiconductor material industry and cultivate the independent industry to accelerate the transfer of research achievements to productivity.
Enterprise Technology Center
GRITEK was accredited as "Beijing Enterprise Technology Center" in 2007 and "National Enterprise Technology Center"in 2009.    

National Nonferrous Metals and Electronic Materials Analysis and Testing Center(Electronic materials section)
We have the measurement qualification issued by the National Bureay of Technical Supervision and the qualification of national laboratories certified by the state. We are capable of testing semiconductor materials and performing comperhensive qualitative analysis.
Testing items:
·Orientation deviation,type,resistivity,dislocation and oxidation stacking faults,etc.
· Oxygen and carbon test by FT-IR method
· Geometric parameter testing , including wafer thickness, total thickness variation,flatness,BOW , WARP, etc
· Analysis of the particles and surface quality of polished wafers using particle instruments
· Measurement of metal contamination on the surface of polished wafers using TXRF and ICP-MS methods
· Measurement of minority carrier lifetiome of silicon wafers and its iron content by surface photovoltage method
· Measurement of minority carrier lifetime by high-frequency photoconductivity and microwave photoconductivity methods

 Technology Development
During the development ,GRITEK has sought to grow stronger and bigger and maintain the sustainability by adhering to the straegy of "produce one generation, and nourish one generation".With the continuous improvement of the IC technology ,silicon wafers are oriented to provide solutions to much larger size and critical qualities.Current R&D activities are as below:
     ·300mm silicon polished and epitaxial wafers that meet the 90-65nm IC technological requirements
·Large-diameter FZ silicon polished wafers
·Heavy-doped silicon polished wafers
·Large-diameter silicon monocrystal ingots

1.Silicon Wafers    

·100mm to 300mm CZ silicon polished wafers for IC
·300mm silicon EPI wafers IC
·100mm to 150mm CZ silicon lapped wafers for energy-saving lamps
·76.2mm to 150mm FZ silicon polished wafers (NTD/gas-doping)
·76.2mm to 150mm FZ silicon lapped wafers (NTD / gas-doping)
2.Silicon Monocrystal Ingots
·Φ 3~6inch FZ Silicon Single Crystal Ingot
·0D 200~450mm large diameter silicon single crystal ingot
·large diameter silicon disk and ring plate

The large-diameter moncocrystal ingots have been accredited as National Independent Innovation Product by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Production Capacity

Production line

Annual output

Dia. 200mm-450 mm silicon monocrystal ingot

80 tons

Dia. < 200 mm silicon monocrystal ingot

60 tons

Dia. < 200 mm heavily doped silicon monocrystal ingot

60 tons

FZ silicon monocrystal ingot

50 tons

100mm-125mm silicon wafer

2.4 milion pieces

150mm-200mm silicon wafer

1.2 milion pieces

300mm silicon polished wafer

120,000 pieces

300mm silicon EPI wafer

60,000 pieces