Jih Lin Technology Co., LTD was established in 2000 and located in Nanzhi process export zone in 2003. Regards Jih Lin Technology as a lead frame manufacturer, we have possessed many years of experience and capability to create modules in multiple techniques. By the demands from the customers, we do provide the product with premium quality and reasonable price. Expect from the consistent production process of stamping and plating, we also enrich high-precision and high-quality tooling capabilities, which can remain the accuracy to 0.001mm. In 2017, Jin Lin Technology has merger and acquisition three power device lead manufacturer from Japan Sumitomo Metals (SMM), which are SH Precision Co., Ltd (Japan), Suzhou SH Precision Co., Ltd (China) and Malaysian SH Precision Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). Nowadays, Jih Lin Technology is status as the top 3 power devices lead frame manufacturer of the world.


■ High-Precision Tooling Design and Manufacture:

Focus on customers’ requirement, all the tooling are designed and analysis by our R&D team. When facing any problems, it will discuss via R&D team, tooling manufacture dept. and production dept., which will solve the problems in the effective time.

■ Production:

High-precision and high-quality of lead frame and plating process are one of the important parts during the IC packaging process. To offer customers primer products, Jih Lin Technology provides consistent production process from stamping process to plating process, and also offer customer to create new tooling to reach their demands.

■ Quality and Certification:

Verification the quality from customers, it is our products reference to support Jih Lin Technology. In order to level up quality management system, Jih Lin has obtained ISO9001, TSI16949, ISO14000 quality certification. It helps us to keep forward to acquire the certification from international quality management system.

■ Human Resource:

Regard employees as company’s equity, Jih Lin Technology formulates the professional training program from new recruits to current recruits in different kinds of educations such as OJT training.

■ Sustainable Environment:

1. Waste Management and Resource Recycle
Jih Lin Technology has obtained government waste environmental approval No. E4906433, E49A6022. The concept of our waste management is focus on reduce the waste, recycles and waste management.


2. Reduce the Energy Resource

Obtained government water waste prevention approval No. 00472-00, 00707-00. According to the different area, some facilities are used recycle water. In relative to the electricity, Jih Lin Technology has defined different type of power switch and having a propaganda to turn off the light when leaving.