Test Reticles
Since its start-up in 1987, Benchmark Technologies’ core business has always focused on test reticles. In the intervening years we have gone on to develop a wide range of test reticle products that have become industry standards. These include our Phase Shift Focus Monitor Reticle and Universal Matching Reticle, both of which leverage fab metrology tools and Benchmark Technologies Software to provide engineers with comprehensive analytical opportunities. We also provide many other widely used standard test reticles for tool monitoring and process development. For more information on our standard test reticle products, please click the links below:

Phase Shift Focus Monitor
Visual Diagnostic Reticle
Universal Matching Reticle
Resolution Test Masks
Multi-Transmission mask
Custom Test Reticles

Benchmark Technologies Universal Matching Reticle and Phase Shift Focus Monitor (PSFM) Reticle products provide their users with the ability to generate significant amounts of compelling data about how their lithography tools are performing. Our software products were developed to support the need to unleash the power of this collected data to allow engineers to make meaningful assessments and interventions to improve overall lithography yield.

We offer our software products as standalone purchase to support reticle already in the field and optionally bundled with new reticle purchase.

Our OmniMatch™ software offering can be used to analyze overlay results when using our Universal Matching Reticle, or as an on-product overlay monitoring package.
Our PSFM DATA!™ software is a robust and comprehensive support package for establishing calibration and ongoing monitoring of lithography tool performance for focus.
Our AutoPSFM™ package is used in conjunction with PSFM DATA! To integrate routine focus monitoring data into the wafer fab statistical process control (SPC) system.


Position Calibration Wafers
Benchmark can provide custom position calibration wafers and glass plates for set up and monitoring of precision stages for a variety of applications.  These products are customized based on the needs of each customer for your specific application.

·         Substrate Sizes

o   Silicon – Diameters  300mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm

o   Borofloat – Diameters  300mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm

                     Square sizes to 330mm X 330mm

o   Quartz  – Diameters  300mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm

                     Square sizes to 500mm X 500mm

Other sizes possible on request – please contact us

·         Films/Substrates

o   Chrome on borofloat, quartz or silicon

o   Aluminum on silicon or quartz

o   SiO2 or SiN on silicon

o   Bulk Silicon  

Benchmark can offer the option of precision position metrology for wafer sizes up to 300mm with better than 50nm uncertainty if requested.


Quantitative Phase Microscopy Target

Quantitative Phase imaging is an emerging technique used in live cell microscopy whereby the phase of transparent materials is captured and then computationally rendered into useable images. Benchmark’s new Quantitative Phase Target (QPTTM) is the first pure phase artifact available for evaluation and calibration of phase microscopy systems. 
  • First commercially available target for phase microscopy calibration
  • Pure phase  materials with seven distinct feature heights  from 50nm  to  350nm
  • NIST traceable AFM measurements available for all seven heights
  • Familiar microscopy targets – focus star to 400nm pitch, USAF resolution to Group 10   
  • Live cell arrays simulated at various FOV’s  

     SEM Image                    Optical Image            Reconstructed Phase


Benchmark offers this  target in a 10mm X 10mm X 1.1mm thick glass form factor. We offer this as a certified version with NIST Traceable  AFM height measurements,  and as a non-certified version with estimated measurements based on sampling.



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