Founded in 2004, RF Materials Co., LTD., manufactures and supplies hermetic packages on which compound semiconductors can be mounted. We extended the business through the M&A with RFHIC and was listed on the KOSDAQ in Dec. 2019.

As a professional manufacturer, RF Materials Co., LTD., can supply reliable and high quality products with taking advantage of in-house system like multilayer ceramic, heat sink, plating and bonding process. RF Materials Co., LTD., is a domestic No.1 manufacturer having high level of technologies in glass sealing, metallizing and brazing bonding for dissimilar materials and to be global No.1, we’ve been constantly striving to challenge and develop new technologies.

RF Materials Co., LTD., is a first manufacturer developing optical communication package in Korea and provides hermetic packages for a wide variety of applications such as RF(Radio Frequency) transistor, laser module and infrared detector. In addition, our endless efforts to go into new industries like laser modules, automotive, medical and X-ray will result in RF Materials Co., LTD., to be more competitive in the market.

We, RF Materials Co., LTD., will do our best to supply reliable products with fast delivery and competitive price.