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Chip Bonding Tools
Chip Bonding Tools
SPT covers a wide range of Chip Bonding Tools, from the time the silicon chip is picked up from the wafer, and placed on the substrate or lead frame up to the period where the actual bonding process takes place. This is where the chips are electrically connected to the outside world using gold, aluminium or copper wire. Our wide ranges of Chip Bonding Tools include:

Bonding Capillaries for standard and ultra-fine pitch thermosonic gold or copper wire bonding 
Die Bonding Tools for any die pick and place application
Flip Chip Handling Tools for die pick and place Flip Chip application
Wedge Bonding Tools for ultrasonic aluminium or gold wire wedge bonding 
Single Point-TAB Bonding Tools for Disk Drive application
Pick up Tools in Ceramic used for Chip Shooters in Surface Mount Technology SMT assembly
Fine Ceramics Solutions
Fine Ceramics Solutions
Ceramic injection moulding (CIM) of small complex & precise components in micron tolerances. Materials include Alumina, Zirconia, Zirconia-toughened Alumina and polycrystalline Ruby. SPT has micro-hole expertise with materials such as ceramics and cermets. Its around-the-clock advanced processing capabilities are available worldwide.
Sample products:
Medical tools & implants
Dental applications
Industrial and Electronic components
Nozzles with hole diameter less than 15µm
Fine Machining Parts
Fine Machining Parts
SPT’s long years of experience in manufacturing watch jewels has led us to produces customized high precision, wear-resistant parts made of steel and carbides like:

Cold Forming Tools
Cutting Blades
Wire Guides
Ultra precision High Speed Milling and Wire EDM with CAD/CAM processing