JSC "EСON" is an enterprise registered in 1997 in Obninsk, the first Russian science city. The company is engaged in the development and production of gas analysis equipment based on solid electrolytes. The main activity of the enterprise is the development and production of gas-analytical devices of the ECON series to assess the level of oxygen in the exhaust gases of fuel-burning plants and optimize their operation parameters.

The need for increasing energy and environmental efficiency of fuel burning plants and reducing operating losses is obvious: at present, the implementation of these tasks is a priority for both individual enterprises and the economy generally. One way to solve them is to increase the efficiency of burning fossil fuels by continuous monitoring of the level of oxygen content in the exhaust flue gases during combustion.

For the successful implementation of the task, "EСON" JSC has its own scientific, technical, manufacturing and testing facilities. The developments, design and technological solutions embodied in the gas-analytical devices of the ECON series are protected by a number of patents. The company carries out a full cycle of manufacturing gas analysis equipment, including the manufacture of parts and assemblies, the assembly of sensors and electronic components of gas analyzers, tuning, calibration. The following technologies have also been developed and are being implemented:

  1. Production of ceramic assemblies and parts (ceramic sensors made of zirconium dioxide, insulators of various shapes from aluminum oxide and other types of ceramics, technological equipment)
  2. The implementation of vacuum-tight joints ceramics - ceramics and metal - ceramics, resistant to high temperatures and aggressive gas environments.
  3. Application of conductive, catalytic and protective coatings on the surface of ceramics or metals by various methods (chemical, electron beam).
  4. Metrological verification and calibration of gas analyzers.

For the production of gas analytical instruments, their components, ceramic products, the company uses materials, components and equipment made in Russia. With high quality and reliability, the cost of gas analytical instruments is at least 30% lower than the cost of imported analogues, due to this the products of "EСON" JSC are import substituting. In addition, the rejection of imported components significantly increases the efficiency of the service, as well as provides the opportunity for deep modernization of devices from the early years of production.

As a result, since 1997, thousands of devices for domestic power generation boilers of almost all generating companies in the country, for thermal power plants, metallurgical plants, coke plants and fuel-burning technological units have been produced and introduced. Due to its high competitiveness, ECON gas analysis instruments are operated in the near abroad (Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) and are included in the state registers of many countries, since 1999 they have been exported to China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Montenegro.

JSC "EСON" gives a guarantee for gas-analytical instruments of its own production2 (Two) years. In addition, when you conclude a Periodic Service Agreement, the warranty may be substantially extended.

In addition to gas analysis equipment, "EСON" JSC designs and manufactures small series of various high-tech ceramic products: insulating ceramics, solid electrolytes, thermocouple protective covers, ceramic elements of pressure glands and pressure glands themselves, grinding bodies, nozzles for mixers and other products. Ceramic materials - high refractory oxides and their compounds, such as alumina Al2O3, magnesium oxide MgO, zirconium dioxide ZrO2, alumino-magnesium spinel MgAl2O4, mullite 3Al 2O3.SiO2, forsterite 2MgO.SiO 2, zircon ZrSiO 4, and others. Forming method - hot slip casting, thermoplastic slip casting, uniaxial and volume pressing, mouth molding. Product dimensions: length - up to 150 mm, transverse size - up to 100 mm, density products (85–100% of theoretical), porosity (0 - 15%).

Various technologies for the manufacture of ceramic parts developed at "EСON" JSC have been developed and are successfully used for the manufacture of solid electrolyte ceramic sensitive elements for gas analytical devices of the EСON series.

The company has successfully mastered the technology of creating vacuum-tight ceramic-ceramic and metal-ceramic compounds that are resistant to high temperatures and aggressive gas and liquid media.

The results obtained during the research and development work by scientists and engineers of "EСON" JSC were reflected in more than fifty publications, scientific articles and speeches at forums and conferences; in patents for inventions and certificates for a utility model.