The company is currently one of the few companies in the world that can scale up the production of solar grade germanium monolithic wafers. The main products are used in civil infrared optical industry, satellite aerospace, high efficiency solar cells, LED lighting, microwave communication, optical fiber communication, microelectronics, flat panel display and other industries. The main products of the company at present are processed and produced by four production workshops respectively.

The products are widely used in solar cells and ground-based high-power solar power plants, its power generation efficiency is several times compare with the silicon wafers. At present, CZ Czochralski "zero dislocation" technology is used by the CNGE, which has already been able to produce 6 inch germanium wafer for solar cells. The company is now a leading domestic manufacturer of this product. CNGE currently has a class 5 of ISO14644-1 dust-free workshop production line which now can produce 400 thousand solar germanium wafer annually.

CNGE is committed to design and process a variety of high-specification infrared and laser industrial components, mainly including germanium products, monocrystalline silicon products, polysilicon products, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide and etc. The product line covers all kinds of products including infrared blanks, window mirrors, lenses, plane mirrors, prisms, cylindrical mirrors, wedges, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon wafers, silicon targets, fairing, etc. At present, the infrared technology is mainly used in industrial preventive testing, fire control, border control, monitoring and other fields. Today, the company's germanium product have been in the leading position in the industry, mainly exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

III-VI Semiconductor:

CNGE currently provide customers 2-4 inch semiconductor indium phosphide Substrates. Products are widely used in microwave oscillator and amplifier, optical fiber communication amplifier and other fields.



Electronic Grade Trichlorosilane:


With completely proprietary intellectual property right and many patents for invention and utility model patents, it covers the shortage in domestic market, has broken the monopoly of foreign countries on technologies and products, optimizes industrial structure of accessory basic materials of semiconductors in China and lightens the dependence on foreign high-end materials.