Specialised solutions for advanced technologies
Okmetic is a true pioneer in silicon wafer business since it has manufactured high value-added silicon wafers for Sensor and Discrete&Analog industries ever since 1985. What makes Okmetic’s silicon wafers unique is that each batch is tailored to the customer’s product, process and technology needs, and manufactured in volume production.

The tailoring process begins from crystal growing during which many of the wafer parameters are being defined and which is at the very core of Okmetic’s expertise. Customer specific tailoring ensures optimum wafer performance, which can improve the customer’s yield and streamline their process but above all supplies a platform for the development of new, advanced applications with increased performance and functionality, shorter time-to-market as well as cost-effective volume production. In many cases Okmetic has collaborated with the customer from the early stages of their product development process throughout the life cycle of their products.


Single Side Polished (SSP) wafers
Double Side Polished (DSP) wafers
Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers
RFSi wafers for RF applications
Advanced solutions
Silicon material that is optimized to specific product designs and manufacturing processes create the basis for effective sensor and Discrete&Analog manufacturing.