Success through silicon: As a technology leader, Siltronic is a driving force of innovation in silicon wafer manufacturing. Our strategy is rigorously based on long-term success, efficiency, and the achievement of our quality and growth goals.

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For more than half a century, hyperpure silicon has been the raw material of choice in microelectronics. As the basis for virtually all semiconductor devices, it forms the foundation of the world’s electronic industry. It is also the foundation of our hyperpure silicon wafers used for extremely complex semiconductor components as well as in highly integrated microprocessors and memory components for information processing. Today they are deployed in increasingly compact structures, allowing the production of more and more powerful and energy efficient computer chips and cutting edge power semiconductors.

Our extensive product portfolio enables us to supply, among others, the leading twenty companies in the semiconductor industry - with whom we cultivate close business relations that have evolved over long years in many cases. Joining forces, we engage in a process-based approach in developments meeting tomorrow’s advanced requirements. This will allow us to fulfil our ambitious aspirations as an innovative technology leader delivering perfect wafers – wafers that also satisfy the most sophisticated technological demands of the dynamic semiconductor sector, while continuously improving and finessing our current solutions. We manufacture polished and epitaxial wafers in accordance with the latest design rules. Some 1,850 patents and patent applications underscore our outstanding innovative strengths.

We maintain a global network of manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and the USA. All sites are strategically close to our customers and have access to extremely well trained workforces.

As one of the leading manufacturers of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry, we hold a strong market position and are setting the standards in technology and quality. We have a secure supply of high quality polysilicon at competitive prices at our disposal, and command decades of in-depth expertise and know-how in silicon processing. We can also rely on an experienced management team and a highly qualified workforce.

We continuously increase the value for our stakeholders by providing best-in-class wafers at competitive costs. 

Our strategy comprises nine elements that are equally important to achieving our objectives and ensuring Siltronic’s overall long-term success:

Siltronic is a volume supplier of semiconductor silicon wafers
Siltronic develops its product offering to match its customer needs
Siltronic does not compromise on quality
Siltronic aims at archieving its profitability targets and positive cash flows
Siltronic is driven by continuous cost reduction programs
Siltronic leverages its assets to grow at least with the market
Siltronic is committed to maintain its technology leadership
Siltronic values its employees as the major asset and provides safe working conditions
Siltronic protects the environment and complies with laws and guidelines

Manufactured from CZ or FZ crystals, polished silicon wafers receive a virtually perfect surface during a chemical-mechanical polishing process. They satisfy the highest standards with regard to flatness and surface quality.

Siltronic offers polished silicon wafers with diameters from 125mm to 300mm. Depending on the customer requirements, various dopants such as boron, phosphorus, red phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony are used during the manufacturing.

Epitaxy is a process in which an additional monocrystalline silicon layer is deposited on to the polished crystal surface of a silicon wafer. This process makes it possible to select the material properties independently of the polished substrate, and consequently to create wafers that have different properties in the substrate and the epitaxial layer. In many cases this is necessary for the semiconductor component’s function.

Siltronic offers epitaxial wafers with diameters up to 300mm. While 300mm EPI wafers are primarily used in highly integrated semiconductor elements (ICs), smaller diameters are also used for power applications. In order to satisfy the various requirements, substrates and epitaxial layers are designed according to customer specifications.