EkrubNano is a U.S.-based manufacturer of plasma etch, equipment for specialty semiconductor and failure analysis, R & D and nanotechnology markets.

The EkrubNano team members are a collection of individuals with over 20 years in the plasma and semiconductor space and all have been innovators in plasma-processing equipment technologies.

Recent EkrubNano innovations include the new line of small desktop plasma RIE products to satisfy the FA and R&D markets. This market has been struggling with outdated equipment due the lack of and new logical choices.

EkrubNano’s advanced plasma-processing in research, pilot manufacturing, and volume production. EkrubNano is committed to the development of systems and services that meet the diverse requirements of our global customer base. The success of this commitment which EkrubNano strives to achieve with all endeavors. EkrubNano’s reputation as an industry leader is supported by more than 40 years of focus on customer support, product innovation, reliability, and low cost of ownership. The success of

EkrubNano systems in variety of manufacturing environments and research institutions has secured the company's status as a front runner supplier of plasma-process equipment.

Micro IIon Plasma RIE


Plasma solutions simplified



 Standard Features Include:



Touch screen micro-processor controlled GUI (graphic user interface).
Fully software-configurable abort and alarm limits for all control parameters.
Configurable single-touch start interface for process, intended for production-oriented operation.
(Optional) Pneumatically opening chamber for ease of loading.
150mm standard (optional 200mm,300mm) water-cooled sample platen for wafer or sample.
Specifically sized factory configured pocket.
All stainless steel chamber design.
Two channel Rotameter standard.
Vacuum control system.
1OO khz 300 Watt plasma generator.
Vacuum gauging.
W x D x H – Footprint – L 673 mm D 220.00 mm W 215.00 mm





 Detailed Parameters of the Product




The Fabline 150 is a High Temp vertical furnace (1800C) that can process 150mm SiC wafer up to 50 at a time. Carefully selected hardware and control system features enable continuous high temperature SiC wafer processing.  The Nanotherm SiC Furnace also has the option to be capable of 2000C operation. 

The Nanotherm’s Primary Heating and Controls are manufactured by a proprietary German source that has been producing high temperature furnaces heating systems up to 3000 °C since 1982.

Die Deprocessing


Die delayering or deprocessing is that the

semiconductor failure analysis technique of denudation off the higher

layers of the die to show a defect web site that's buried beneath these

layers. Die delayering is sometimes done as a sequence of steps,

removing a layer or 2 at a time. Since every layer is with chemicals and

physically completely different from the others, the delayering steps are

completely different from one another further.




 Photoresist residue sometimes remains after development, processing, and resist strip. Plasma treatment provides uniform removal of small quantities of resist over the entire surface of the wafer prior to further post processing.


Examples of other process application


l SEM/TEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal

Surface treat before biomedical coating and improve hydrophilicity of medical implants

Optics, glass and substrate cleaning before epoxy bonding

Photoresist ashing, descum and silicon wafer cleaning

PDMS, microfluidics, glass slides and lab-on-a-chip

Improve bonding for metal to metal or composite

Improve bonding for plastic, polymer and composite materials

Medical device activation, sterilization and improve coating adhesion

Cleaning before wire bonding, die attach, flip chip bonding process.





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