The Shinkawa Group is a semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker which was established in 1959. Starting with the introduction of an "automatic diode assembler" and "automatic sorter" in 1963, Shinkawa became fully engaged in the automation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The company aimed to automate the wire bonding process, which was the most labor-intensive process at the time. Shinkawa developed the industry’s first equipment with an embedded microcomputer in 1972 and the world's first fully-automatic wire bonder in 1977, contributing to the advancement of technology by manufacturing high precision, high performance semiconductor equipment.

Semiconductors are used in all areas of our daily lives, and in recent years they have been constantly advancing as demands for smart functions and higher performance increase with the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The semiconductor manufacturing industry is also required to continually produce timely technical innovations to respond to the needs for diversified packaging methods.

The group took a new step in July 2019 as a business company of Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd., whose parent company is Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., to address changing industrial environment promptly and flexibly. By challenging the limits of innovation in mounting technology, we aim to be a company trusted by customers which can also achieve sustainable growth.


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