ESD Product: ESD Wrist Strap,,

ESD PVC Sheet, Ion Blower,

Connection Cord for Grounding

Stationery:Clean Note, Clean Post It,
ESD Clip Board, Clean Paper

Cleaners: Sticky Mat, Safer Mat,
Clean Roller Handle,

PVA Pulp Cleaner,

Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Room Garment: Coverall, Jacket&Pants, Gown,
Cap, Hood,Arm Sleeve, Shoes,

Face Mask, Slippers

WIPER: Non-woven Wipers, PVA, Polyester,
Micro-denier Wipers, Wet Wiper


Savillex C-flow 400d PFA NebulizerIt is a PFA concentric nebulizer which used in ICP-MS equipment
Savillex 50ml PFA dropper bottleA suitable container for dropping a trickle of liquid.
KM NBR FORM GLOVE  NBR coatingIndustrial working Gloves
Anti-static High Temperature GloveHeat-resistant gloves
Chem boots (Hazmax Boots))Chem boots (Hazmax Boots)
KM Smart Guard Plus Protective ClothingBy processing with nonwoven fabric and porous film, It is very light and has excellent wear.
Chem TapeChem Tape
Perpak MuffPerpak Muff
Perpak Steam BagPerpak Steam Bag
Perpak Foil Sheet PouchPerpak Foil Sheet Pouch
Perpak Tyvek PouchPerpak Tyvek Pouch
Perpak Tyvek Roll PouchPerpak Tyvek Roll Pouch

Km Solar department is a companion for the renewable energy industry and various film industries.

Key products, including the company`s flagship business, are now operating beyond the electronics industry. And the use of renewable energy part and functional films, including the solar industry, is now emerging.

In order to respond quickly to new business fields, we have established a solar business division and a film sales team. We are focusing on special consumables and functional films and gloves used in the PV polysilicon business.

Main business
1. Consumables and packaging materials in the solar industry
2. Basic material film of tapes used in various fields such as semiconductor, LCD, and PCB.

KM Battery Swelling Tape (57㎜×500M×52㎛)KM Battery Swelling Tape (57㎜×500M×52㎛)
Heat-resistant tapeHeat-resistant tape
Display screen protection TPU FilmDisplay screen protection TPU Film
KM Hydrocolloid PU FilmKM Hydrocolloid PU Film
KM VIRGIN PE M BagNull-additive 100% Polyethylene
KM VIRGIN PE Clean BagNull-additive 100% Polyethylene
KM Backgrinding PO Film (150㎛)KM Backgrinding PO Film (150㎛)
KM Dicing PO Film (80㎛ & 100㎛)KM Dicing用 PO Film (80㎛ & 100㎛)

Bolts for Semiconductor equipmentChemical-resistance bolts
SavillexTeflon vessles for laboratory, analysis office
WADAContainers to store and transport chemical related semiconductor, electrolyte, IPA, etc


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