Mott MGP Series Gas PurifiersGas Purifiers
High Purity and Ultra High Purity Point-of-Use, Micro-Bulk and Surface Mount Gas Purifiers meet specific requirements and uphold the highest standard of purity for any gas delivery system.

point-of-use filtersGasShield® Point-of-Use Filters
UHP Point-of-Use Filters used in gas sticks for equipment hookup, valve manifold boxes, gas cabinets, tool isolation gas boxes, and on-board OEM tool gas boxes

High purity flow restrictorsHigh Purity Flow Restrictors
Spool piece design flow restrictors supporting 1.125” high flow C-seal configuration gas systems and VCR® fitting gas flow restrictors

Chamber DiffusersGasShield® Chamber Diffusers
Allow process or atmospheric gas to be introduced into a vacuum chamber without excess turbulence

Bulk & Utility FiltersGasShield® Bulk and Utility Filters
Designed to accommodate flows from 1,000-250,000 slpm with 316L SS or nickel filter elements. Other metal gas filter designs are available for higher pressures or highly corrosive gases

surface mount filtersGasShield® Surface Mount Filters
Compatible with Integrated Gas System (IGS) interfaces in process tools, gas cabinets, and valve manifold box installations

Gasket FiltersGasShield® Gasket Filters
Compact design accommodates 1/4" and 1/2" face seal fittings without adding length to the gas system. Standard flow rates for gasket filters are 1, 3, and 20 SLPM

Custom High Purity FiltersCustom High Purity Filters
Engineered filters customized for your unique requirements

Porous Metal Filter ElementsFilter Elements
Porous metal filter elements used in refining, petrochemical, chemical, and hot gas processing plants

turnkey filter skidsTurnkey Filter Skids
Full turnkey filter skids engineered by Mott for refining, specialty chemical, and gasification processes

FCC/RFCC Slurry FiltersFCC/RFCC Slurry Filters
Backwashable porous metal filtration units that can withstand extreme temperatures associated with crude oil refining

Precious metal catalyst filtersPrecious Metal Catalyst Filters
Sub-micron filtration units that capture >99% of catalyst for reclamation or recycling, reducing catalyst costs by 10-20%

Food Oil Intermediates FilterFood Oil Intermediate Filters
Mott filters designed for food oil intermediate chemical processing

Terepthalic Acid FiltersTerephthalic Acid Filters
Filtration systems used in the manufacturing of terephthalic acid

Hot Gas & Gasification FiltersHot Gas and Gasification Filters
Mott gas-solids industrial filtration systems are proven to remove more than 99.9% of all solids, depending on the application

Corrosive & High Temperature FiltersAdditional Corrosive-Resistant and High Temperature Filters
Filtration systems used in the manufacturing of specialty liquid chemicals

Bioprocessing FilterBioprocessing Filters
Filtration systems used in production scale bioprocessing




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