Pentagon Technologies is a leading supplier of specialized products and services that improve the utilization, efficiency and life cycle of semiconductors manufacturing equipment.

Pentagon Technologies’ QIII surface particle detectors are the standard in semiconductor, display, life-science, OLED, Optics, Hard drive and MEMS markets. The QIII can help eliminate particulate contamination on critical surfaces and improve yield, throughput and product quality.

Fan Filter Units
Pentagon Technologies designs and builds customized units for every type of environment.

We begin by consulting with each client to determine their needs and understand their issues. Our team will create an initial design that meets your environment and airflow management specifications.

Fan Filter Units
Shield Systems
The shield system you use must create confidence.

Whether protecting your product or your employees, the system must be reliable, and able to handle the most demanding environments. It must also allow the wearer to perform precision movements over long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.


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