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Define. Resolution.

Our story of DR Laser begins in 2008 as a technology company dreaming to explore the frontiers of advanced laser applications, from a humble work-shed located in Optics Valley, Wuhan, China.

Amidst endless possibilities, we eventually decided to focus on the potential of Solar Cell. The reason was simple. We wanted to see a change in everyone's daily lives.

This decision proved to be correct. By 2017, we have delivered over 1000 machines with key technologies to enable the commercialisation of Photovoltaics industry. Thereafter, we continue to serve the industry's top 20 companies by constantly supplying more than 1000 equipment every year.

Having experienced success, DR Laser became a public listed company by 2019. This predates our quest towards engaging global customers in search of the next revolutionary technology

Today, we find ourselves as a corporate with more than 200million dollars in annual revenue. We have established R&D centres in Tel Aviv, Israel; and in Singapore, to focus on Next-Gen Displays and Semiconductor industry.

Now it is time for DR Laser to embark on its next journey. Will you join us?


TGV Laser Drilling Equipment
TGV technology is a process of making vertical electrodes between chips and between wafers to achieve the vertical extraction of electrical signals. It is widely used in advanced 3D system packaging, high Q microwave/THz devices, and other fields.... More Info

Wafer Laser Cutting Equipment
Customized and self-developed external optical path and XY platform.
Automatic focusing function.
Seamless loading and unloading.
Visual positioning + contour detection of complete and incomplete pieces and efficient positioning algorithms.
... More Info

OLED Array Laser Repair System
Supporting both the GEN4.5 and the latest GEN6 wires
Good compatibility, all film layer materials
Flexible configuration
High repair success rate ≥99.9%
Precise optical path control system
Connection with CIM system for intelligent/closed-loop feedback... More Info

IGBT Annealing Equipment
With single/double pulse control, the equipment conducts rapid laser annealing on the backside of the silicon-based IGBT wafer after ion implantation, to achieve an activation depth and effectively repair lattice structures damaged by ion implantation.... More Info

Mini LED Rework Equipment
This equipment utilises camera vision system in tandem with laser technology to automatically remove and replace defective pixels, leading to a significant increase in terms of product yield.... More Info

PERC Laser Ablation Equipment
The equipment is used in mass production line of passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) for laser ablation of the passivating films on the backside of PERCs, and supports online production and offline production modes.... More Info


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