Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of Czochralski (CZ) furnaces for producing monocrystalline ingots for the semiconductor, machined part and solar industries. We specialize in silicon and produce equipment for materials such as germanium, gallium arsenide and indium antimonide (InSb). LCT also provides diamond wire saws and specialized equipment for shaping and polishing ingots and cutting them into wafers. We work with each client to ensure the growers and accessories you purchase will best meet your stringent industry requirements.

We customize every product for every customer, whether it’s the modification of one part, or a complete, state-of-the-art-crystal growing system tailored precisely to your needs.
Silicon Growing Equipment

LCT continues to advance the industry as a leader in providing furnaces that use the Czochralski (CZ) process for creating ingots of monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si), widely used in semiconductor and solar applications worldwide.

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Crystal Processing Equipment

Linton’s range of single- and multi-wire saws and silicon wafer processing equipment take the ingot through the steps necessary to obtain a highly reflective, flat silicon wafer ready for use in solar cell applications.

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Our Family of Furnaces
Our family of furnaces is designed for producing the highest quality silicon at some of the industry's fastest speeds, lowest costs, and largest formats. Each of our furnaces can be customized to meet your precise needs.

The KX170MCZR brings the latest in advanced control systems to production of 8- to 10-inch (200-250 mm) crystals. Hotzones accommodate 24- and 26-inch crucibles. The KX170MCZR is enabled for supporting a range of magnet options.

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Key features of our product line:
Modularity—designed to be easily and inexpensively refitted for multiple hotzone sizes. As industry standards—and your needs—change, your furnace system can, too.
Faster crystal growth—Our systems are achieving some of the fastest crystal growth speeds in the industry, to speeds of 1.6 - 2.0 mm per minute.
Low operating costs—Much of our research and development targets lowering your operating costs, such as:
Low-power, high-efficiency hotzones that reduce power consumption by nearly half, extend the lifetime of crucibles to approximately 250 hours vs. typical 185 to 195 hours
Newly-designed heaters and insulation boost efficiency and lower operating costs
Superconducting magnets vastly reduce power requirements
Automation—Currently available automated capabilities include:
KrystalVisionTM system for monitoring diameter and controlling melt level
Kayex Intelligent Crystal Control System (KICCSTM) for hardware and software process control
Web Integrated Grower Supervisor (WINGS) for remote furnace management and data collection
Self-cleaning filters that partially automate the cleaning process required after each growing session
Larger wafer sizes
Hotzone sizes range from 24 to 36 inches optimized for 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm wafers (custom - capable of accommodating other sizes)
The first to market with a 200 mm furnace in 1987 and with a 300 mm furnace in 1997

Let us help you assemble a complete system for optimal performance.
Low-Power Consumption
Cooling Tubes
Resistive Magnets
Superconducting Magnets
Vacuum Pumps
Main Vacuum Pumps
Auxiliary Vacuum Pumps
Internal Feeders
External Feeders
Handling Equipment
Ingot Handling Carts
Crucible Handling Systems
Management Systems
Web Integrated Grower Supervisor (WINGS): From your desktop, collect and analyze data and manage recipes on all your furnaces
Air Filtration Systems
Maintenance Tools



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